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she peers into your soul and in the blink of an eye, she's loyal with fierceness that no one can deny -- she picks up her sword when her world's falling down, and i'll tell you one thing, she will never be your clown. she loves with a passion that is almost never seen, knows how to make a man beg and kiss the feet of that queen. she stands up to injustice and she bleeds for her loves, and if she seeks encouragement it's always from above. she peers into your soul and in the blink of an eye, she's your fiercest enemy.. or your greatest ally. her words cut deeper than the sharpest of knives, for they are both her expression of love and her outpouring of strife. she's a raging storm in the dead of night, she's the calm and peace after a fight.. she's the laughter and joy that bubbles forth after you've overcome great discord. she's wisdom and peace all rolled into one.. after, that is, she's fought battles and won. she's full of words that none can deny, faithful and honest with no fear of sacrifice.. she works hard for her pleasures and revels in pain, her ink is her blood and her tears are the same. [i'm ending this lifelong love affair with you, negativity. you've destroyed enough in your path, i've suffered enough at your hands. my heart no longer lies with you, negativity. you have no place here anymore]