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Sherry Buffington, Ph.D, has been immersed in the study of human nature, motivation and success principles since 1978 and is an expert on the behaviors and motivations that lead to success. She is the founder and president of NaviCore International, Inc, a training and consulting company that develops and delivers leading edge advancements for personal and professional transformation. Her products and programs consistently get rave reviews for the rapid, measurable, and powerfully effective results they produce. Dr. Buffington is the originator of the highly acclaimed CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile® and the CORE Personal Effectiveness Profile®, She is a psychologist, coach, consultant, trainer, presenter and author of several books, including The 7 Essentials for Lasting Success, based on thirty years of research into the subtleties of success, the soon to be published Exiting Oz – How the New Generation Workforce is Changing the Face of Business Forever, and What Cheese?!? – How to Say what You Mean to Get What You Want. She is also the developer of the Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning™ (RAMP) process, which immediately and permanently removes internal blocks and barriers to success. She has developed many top rated workshops, seminars and audio programs. Dr. Buffington is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Research in Personality, the International Association of Coaching, International Coach Federation, American Seminar Leaders Association and the American Author’s Association.  

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