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I am a psychologist in private practice in San Francisco specializing in relationships and women's issues. I also teach Marriage Prep 101 workshops for seriously dating, pre-engaged, engaged and newlywed couples with my husband, Dr. Patrick Gannon. My clients describe me as a therapist who really cares about them; helps them discover their happiness, wellness and authenticity; strengthen and prioritize their relationships, and learn good communication, conflict resolution and intimacy enhancement skills. I believe it is important to understand how our backgrounds and families of origin affect our intimate relationships, yet insight and awareness are not enough! We all need tools, skills and strategies for change. We also need someone who believes in us and positively mirrors our changes. I have very positive, long term relationships with my clients, and love to hear back from them over the years. I have been happily married for fourteen years and have two young boys, so I am definitely practicing what I teach. I, too, am intentional and proactive about the relationship and partnership that I create with my husband. I am also always striving more more balance and wellness in my own life. Also, my clients and workshop couples appreciate my willingness to self disclose, and share examples about myself when I think it is helpful. I am active, positive and optimistic, but also realistic and challenging at times. I welcome your calls or e-mails. Thank you.