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Dorrie is an associate director of the Sex Therapy Center of Orange County. She is a licensed therapist, (as a Marriage and Family Therapist) with a broad range of therapy experience in Orange County for 10 years. Among her professional affiliations is certification as a Sex Therapist. She provides sex therapy and also specializes in Body Image concerns, especially after surgery, and adults who were molested in early life. Dorrie will utilize EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) hypnosis, and surrogate partner therapy as needed. Some specific presenting concerns include therapy for all performance issues, inhibited desire, sex addiction, anxiety, and depression. Her appointment schedule includes weekend availability for individuals located in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego County as well as Orange County. In addition, Dorrie has successfully utilized “Skype” as an internet communication tool for therapy clients who are unable to come to the office, due to distance or disability.