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ok i am a 22 year old girl i have 2 girls one is 3 ( she lives in cali her dad is an ass he has custody only cause i left state) then i have an 8 month old (her dad also an ass only he wont have anything to do with her wasnt even there when i gave birth yeah real piece a work id say and hasnt paid a dime in child support either that fuckface) anywho i bounce around jobs alot its hard to catch a break out there when youre young no one takes you seriously... anywho i currently make tacos for a living and that is make not eat lol i do that to only i dont get an hourly pay check for that... but usually while i am eating either she and i both have dick in or hand or i have bob in her and he has bob in me while she blows him yeah "loads" of fun... oh i should probably explain that scenario a little bit more... so i am a 22 year dating a 45 year old get this married couple as in no im not the bitch stealing the husband away so dont hate me as in when i have sex with them the wife is included too... so i am the other girl in a good way not a bad one... and this couple has open my eyes to orgasms i never knew i could have and things i had never dreamt of and it all started out as a birthday present for the husband back in december and since then we have only grown closer