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Cleveland’s leading relationship coach since 1992, Kathy Dawson works with couples and individuals to punch through the barriers that keep them from having a great relationship. Whether coaching spouses or significant others, Kathy teaches her clients concrete communication skills and works with them to create an action plan to insure their lifetime relationship lasts a lifetime. As an experienced coach, speaker, and author, Kathy has impacted thousands of lives through her books, as well as her national and local television and radio appearances. Kathy is the author of Diagnosis: Married – How to Deal with Marital Conflict, Heal Your Relationship, and Create a Rewarding and Fulfilling Marriage (Penguin Putnam/Perigee, 2000) which was nominated for a Books for a Better Life award. Kathy’s second book, Cleveland Couples – 40 Inspiring Stories of Love & Commitment (Gray & Company, Publishers) was published in 2004. Kathy's lastest book, 104 Dates In and Around Cleveland, is a downloadable ebook on her website. As well as books, Kathy has written a weekly relationship column called Side By Side for Cleveland’s Plain Dealer. Whether coaching couples and individuals, broadcasting relationship information on radio and television, or speaking in a business, civic, or university setting, Kathy is dedicated to promoting everlasting love!