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Kijana Martin, a Certified Professional Coach feels blessed to continue her dream of helping others achieve their dreams and goals. Kijana Martin was a coach long before receiving certification. She had always made herself available to those in need by providing a listening ear, motivation, or helping with goal setting.   As a single parent, Kijana has always made it a point to be self-sufficient, continually motivate herself and hold herself accountable for achieving her dreams. Having benefited from her personal results, she felt it important to help others by providing guidance and support to those that desire to improve their lives.   Kijana empowers, encourages and motivates her clients to identify, develop, and continue on a path towards self-improvement, balance and achievement.    Having experienced and witnessed the effects of the lack of communication in families and preparation of young adults for their adult lives, Kijana Martin, was compelled to write a book granting teens/young adults a point of reference to sensitive subjects. As the author of “Real Life, Real Choices”, Kijana has enjoyed the opportunity to inspire and empower young adults to make informed decisions to live happier, healthier lives.   Though Kijana has a true passion for assisting young adults, her services are not limited to young adults. Kijana has a true desire to help as many people as she can and she always finds joy in other’s successes.   Kijana Martin has a limited amount of time devoted to pro-bono services with organizations that specialize in transitional housing, youth services, or life skills development. If you feel your organization located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area would benefit from these services please feel free to contact her.   Kijana is continually pursuing her goal of writing with purpose to help others understand their personal power and live more fulfilling lives. Kijana currently resides in Irving, Texas with her three sons and enjoys writing, drawing, nature and music.