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A self-diagnosed "Chocoholic" I used chocolate as a form of currency; for a favour, in exchange for study notes at school, a thank you for a good deed - but I had stipulations. It had to always be Milk or White chocolate, never Dark and definitely no Liquor in the center. Recent years, with a movement towards healthier choices, I have tried to turn to Dark chocolate, but to no avail. I'm a sweet tooth, and the bitter, chalk-like consistency and bland taste of Dark chocolate has never appealed to me. I met a new chocolate at a wine tasting, and was assured the golden nugget of dark chocolaty goodness I was about to savour was like no other Dark chocolate I had ever tasted. Taking the challenge, I placed the nugget in my mouth. I was truly, pleasantly surprised! Was it possible? Well, you know the guy that liked the razor so much he bought the company? I liked the chocolate so much, I became a Chocolatier Enthusiast, and with that experience, am appreciating great, quality chocolate every day, and experiencing new wonderful taste sensations! Victoria Kaye, Chocolatier Enthusiast X-traordinaire!