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If you care about your health and well being (and that of the planet) than you have to cook...or live with someone who does. As a native Italian and professional chef, it's against my religion to put out a dish that doesn't taste great; as a person aware that we've sacrificed well-being for convenience, I'm on a mission to teach you how to be a great cook; take control of your life and return to vibrancy. In Italy we call it ... living la dolce vita—the sweet life. For 10 years I owned and was the chef of a really hot Italian restaurant, Biscotti in Ridgefield, CT. For 20 years, I've taught everyone from home cooks, to kids, to corporate teams at some of our country's top companies such as GE and Unilever, how to cook simple, flavorful dishes that work with their lifestyle. In all those years I've never met anyone who couldn't learn how to cook. I know anyone can learn to cook anything. If you care about what and how you eat, you're going to LOVE my Mediterranean inspired recipes ... and they come with a little food for thought. SUBSCRIBE to and get my sweet stuff every Thursday. Want me in your kitchen? What if you could click on a dish and I was there to guide you step by step on how to make it....from the tools and ingredients you'll need...all the way to the finished dish? Pretty cool, right? "There's a Chef in my Kitchen" is an audio and visual guide, viewable on any computer or mobile device. Click here for a preview. 

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