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I'm known for being a handful as I am equal parts professional and unruly. I received my BA from Scripps College, which is also known as "The Women's College" in Sociology in 1993. Seeing a huge need for credible resources and information on sex and sexuality, I began my life as a sexuality educator in 2002. I strive to provide reputable and comprehensive sexuality education that is neither too clinical nor over sensationalized. I absolutely love what I do and my enthusiasm can be quite infectious. From 2002 to 2008 I worked as the director for a San Francisco non profit serving HIV positive youth which has given me a unique perspective into the LGBTQIQ community. When I'm not residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can find me around the country doing what I love most; talking about sex and sexuality. I provide workshops and presentations on a variety of topics including body image, flirting, pleasure anatomy, sex toys, oral sex, and more. I've been happily married (and childfree) to my ridiculously handsome and smart husband since 1995

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