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Astrologer and AstroCoach Ilina Trowles, is not only trained in both Astrology and Life Coaching but she is a natural Intuitive who has been successful at changing the lives of many people who sought her expertise and support when their life, career or relationship challenges required more effort. With a Diploma of Advanced Astrology from CAAE (Canadian Association of Astrological Education) she has successfully changed lives of those who have sought her expertise when their life, career or relationships required new direction. By using the Astrology techniques such as Transits, Progression and Solar return, person can simply gain a knowledge and awareness about certain experiences or events that are occurring or had occurred in the past. Specializing in Astrology of Relationships, Compatibility and Synastry for Lovers, Dating, and Relationship Advice for Couples and Individuals Find more info about life coaches here.  

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