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I'm a family pyschologist that is just getting started. I've graduated from Arizona University with my master's degree and I have just graduated from University of Phoenix with my Doctoral degree in human Pyschology. I would love to answer any or all your questions as they pertain to relationships. I will be posting some blogs and questions as well to keep conversation going. I myself have a very loving relationship with the man of my dreams. He is sweet, romantic and loving to me. We have beem together for two years now and are still very much in love. Although the past two years of my life have been wonderful, my story does and will not end there. I must say that I have experienced most things when it comes to relationships, a guy breaking up with me, me breaking up with a guy, dating a married man, being cheated on, being rapped, getting pregnant and losing a baby, swinging, experimenting with BDSM and pretty much what every other girl goes through and possible some guys as well. I'm not shy at all when it comes to sex, I've even through about being a sex therapist but will eventually get into that with marriage and relationship counceling. So if you have anything you would like to share or get off your chest email me, I'm more then willing to help, and get this.. I don't charge on here for free information or a listening ear! :)