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Dr. Vicki Van Cleave, PsyD obtained a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology in 1986 from the University of Colorado - Boulder.   She obtained a doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1999 from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology - Chicago (now called Agosy University).  She is licensed in Kentucky, Virginia, Montana and Colorado. Professionally, Dr. Vicki is primarily a "general practitioner" who can treat individuals, families & couples ages 3 years-old and up through the entire lifespan.  People often see Dr. Vicki off and on throughout life when they are dealing with worry or stress.  Dr. Vicki believes having someone to talk to confidentially assists in reducing stress, healing emotional pain, and improving relationships with others. Philosophically, Dr. Vicki uses a blend of psychological theory to assess and treat.  At the base she believes in the human's capacity to heal oneself and make choices (humanistic/existential).  Above the base, she looks at the situation/environment the client is in and who his/her support systems are (systems & relational).  From there she works with clients to be curious about and experiment with their thoughts, feelings, and actions (cognitive-behavioral).  In working with survivors of trauma, accidents, or war...she works with clients to shift from victim to survivor and empower those who have suffered to reclaim their lives.  Dr. Vicki believes there are two parts to growing:  1) talk about it/plan and 2) act in a new way/practice.  All treatment she provides is geared toward empowering the client, building/improving their relationships, and helping people improve how they feel over time. Provided Services in: psychiatric hospital, juvenile detention, social services, community mental health, university, in-home, and private practice.  Adjunct Faculty Teaching at:  Montana State University - Havre and Metropolitan State College of Denver.  Consultation & Training to/with:  Havre Police Department and Denver Juvenile Court. She regularly consults with medical doctors, psychiatrists.  She supervises other mental health professionals in training.  Author of Children's Book:  The Happy, Sad, Mad, Scared, Worried Book Dr. Vicki is a Certified Imago Couples Therapist; Certified Imago Workshop Presenter, and a Certified Anger Management Facilitator.  Her specialties include trauma recovery (children & adults) and couples therapy.

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