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I'm an artistic person. Drawing, painting, piano, anything that has to do with creativity and music, I'm hands on. I'm in love with the mountains and the white snow. I'm fascinated with colorful lights in big cities. Singing, Dancing and exercising is what I love. Fruits, vegetables and Sushi is about all I eat. Starbucks Coffee is my addiction. It's more than likely that while you're reading this, I have one in my hand. Kicking it old School with Video Games is what I love doing. Like all people, I have my good times and my bad times with relationships. We've all picked a winner once or twice in our life time. I have the option to be a YourTango expert, but financially am unable to pursue my love for helping others until I am out of College. After my ex-fiance and I parted different ways, my mother introduced me to a wonderful Technician. After nearly nine months, I had just house broke him, he helps me clean, picks up after himself, it's a suprise what a little advice on here can do to forever change you and your partner! I recommend this site to anyone who comes to me for help. -Stephanie 1/24/12