Parenting & Love: 'Tis the TV Season: Holiday Specials For Kids
'Rudolph' airs December 19th, at 7/6 central, on ABC Family.
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'Tis The TV Season: Holiday Specials For Kids

Okay, so maybe Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer first aired before you were born, let alone your kids, but that awkward claymation is still pretty charming. Or maybe you're a Dickens fan? The Muppets Christmas Carol is a retelling of the classic story about an old man re-evaluating his priorities in the holiday season.

90s TV Guys You Wished Were Your Boyfriend
Pacey Witter was Joey's true love—and we were always so envious!
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90s TV Stars You Wished Were Your Boyfriend

Before we ever had our first boyfriends, we dreamed of a passionate life-long romance with Cory Matthews, Zack Morris and/or Randy Taylor. They were all so cute, so charming, and knew exactly how to treat a lady. Unfortunately, they had already found their soul mates in TV land, and we were stuck in the real world.

Gender Specific TV Commercials- Reaching the Right Audience

Gender Specific TV Commercials- Reaching the Right Audience

Last night I was watching “Justified,” the TV series with star Timothy Olyphant. Most likely the advertising agency for this program thinks the audience is 99% male and in researching on Mediawiki, I discovered I was right. From Mediawiki: “FX’s covets men in the 18-49 age range as their target audience. Their promotional techniques and the subject matter in their shows appeal directly to this demographic. FX features a late-night programming block called Fully Baked. It runs Louie, Archer, and other original comedy series.

Game of Thrones Season 1
Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen ... in happier times.
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'Game of Thrones'' 7 Sexiest Moments Yet

From the very first episode, the HBO show's take on adult content was clear. Sex was there to stay, no matter who's having it, where they're having it, or how aesthetically pleasing the audience found it (often, not very). But for every creepy incestuous sex scene, there's a seriously hot one.

My Love/Hate Relationship with HBO's 'Girls'
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My Love/Hate Relationship with HBO's 'Girls'

I can’t stop thinking about this last episode of GIRLS, the Season 2 finale in which everyone ends up happy. Adam rescues Hannah. Charlie takes back a crazy Marnie. Shoshana finds a new hot blonde to enjoy. And, of course, Jessa is off “living it up, wearing a crop top.” It reminds me of how I felt when I first listened to One Direction music with my little cousin. I can’t stop thinking, is this the message we want to send?

downton abbey
The Hollywood Reporter screening of 'Downton Abbey' Season 3.
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In Love & Money: Lessons From 'Downton Abbey'

This week, I encouraged amy clients to tune into Downton Abbey — and not for the fabulous clothing, the witty dialogue or the historical intrigue. Couples — married, engaged, or in committed relationships — can learn a great deal from the way that two of the key protagonists, Mary and Matthew Crawley, have fiercely disagreed over money.

Kerry Washington and Jimmy Kimmel
Kerry Washington and Jimmy Kimmel announced the nominees this morning!
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2012 Emmy Nominees Announced: Snubs & Surprises!

The Emmy nominations for 2012 were a little less predictable than they've been in the past, with some perennial nominees getting bumped out in favor of new blood. Which means that the list of snubs and surprise nominations is a little longer than usual. So let's get to it: