Is TV ruining your love life?
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Is TV ruining your love life?

According to a study coming up in "Psychology of Popular Media Culture," researchers at the University of Michigan conducted a survey designed to test how the shows we watch on TV, specifically sitcoms, romantic comedies and reality-based dating shows affect (or is that infect?) our outlook on love. According to the results, they found that people who watch sitcoms are measurably more cynical when it comes to their views on love and romance. While that may be news to some, I find it entirely predictable and here’s why:

Devious Maids
"We're trying to represent these women with as much dignity and honesty as we can."
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The Ladies Of 'Devious Maids' Fight Back Against The Controversy

The cast of Lifetime's hit show 'Devious Maids', and their executive producer, Eva Longoria, sit down to talk about their controversial start and how they've banded together to support each other as they start work on the second season in the May 2014 issue of Latina, which just hit news stands!