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Leap-frogging on the beach? You're probably a great couple.
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Love Bytes: 7 Signs He's "The One"

Seven signs you're meant to be. Let's be careful when we use the word "crazy." A man proposed in court to the lady who stabbed him. Is life easier for pretty people? A dating site for daddy issues. Is there a link between maternal obesity and autism? Tucker Max and Planned Parenthood are not friends. Twelve great reasons to date a baseball player. Seven sexual things that The Bible is cool with.

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Evolution Favors Bad Boys Over Nice Guys

A study says that women like their men like their coffee: dark. More accurately, the study shows that college dudes with the "dark triad" of personality traits (selfishness, lying and death-defying) sleep with more chicks. Evidently, evolution favors the kind of guy who would slime his way into your loincloth, finish" quickly and swing out of the cave on a vine. That guy has an opportunity to spread his seeds far and wide. Evidently, that's why there are so many jerks and bad boys walking around these days.

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The Links: Left-Handed Underpants & Tucker Max

Left-handed underwear for men. How many people are really dateable? When he fantasizes about someone else? A Tucker Max anecdote from the other side. A woman tries using the rules of The Game. A righteous advocate for sexual education. A robotic, German sex doll. Is a lady from LA better than NY? A partial vaccine for HIV. And more about being the outside spoon.

LC Googles Dates
Celebrity Love

LC Googles Dates

WYou ever think that 'stars' are completely different from the rest of us? And then you're like, "hey, you know, I bet that Brad Garrett from Everybody Love Raymond occasionally eats, sleeps, and excretes. And he's a pretty big star. Do you think other stars have to do the gross stuff that we peasants do?" And then you read on Digital Spy about Lauren Conrad googling dates and you're like, "Damn, I do that. I might have to start watching this The Hills program. Maybe they're doing some other awesome stuff I should get into, like kickboxing."