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The 7 Lies Your Man Might Be Telling You

The topic of trust is an important factor in all matters of the heart—and here's why. Men lie to women. Women lie to men. And most people agree that some lying is even necessary—to avoid petty squabbles and to grease the wheels of a relationship.

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Why Fibs Can Ruin A Relationship

In movies and media, a woman's lies are often something to laugh about. Who can't think of a wife who hides her shopping sprees or how much she charged on the credit card? We spoke with psychologists who say even the faintest of fibs can lead a relationship down a bad path. Even these little, laughable lies can erode the sense of trust and honesty in the relationship over time.

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To Snoop Or Not To Snoop?

When a live-in ex started "working late" and getting snippy with me on the rare occasions he was home, perhaps I should've gone through his wallet or dropped by the office to see what was up. Maybe I would have noticed that he'd started schtupping his coworker.

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The Second Quesion of Monogamy

The last time I wrote about monogamy it prompted a lot of great comments, which led to even more questions. The first question is: is long term (20 or more years) monogamy a natural state for humans? The second question becomes this: if it’s not our natural state, what are our options in a society that generally favors monogamy?

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His Girl "Friends"

He gets along well with women. Always has. His girl friends outnumber his guy friends about five to one. It's just like this with some men. But what happens when man with a million female companions suddenly has a girlfriend? It depends on his actions. It matters not what type you are and how you've flet in previous relationships. The tone is set by your guy. Here's what we mean.

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7 Tips For Living With The Unemployed

The economy is supposedly in recovery, but layoffs are still prominent in virtually every industry. Many more people than usual can relate to a phenomenon usually restricted to the over-60 set: living with an unemployed spouse.

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Finding Closure From A Cheating Ex-Fiance

Today I found out the truth about something I already suspected. I learned that my ex, who I spent nearly five years with and almost married, lied to me, multiple times to my face, about having an inappropriate relationship with a female coworker. During the initial part of our break, which lasted exactly three months from mid-September to mid-December of 2008, I was under the impression that my ex had our eventual reunion in mind, after he worked through various issues with the help of a therapist. That he hoped, in the end, that we would get back together. He didn't know if that was where we would end up, but that's what he told me he hoped. And I believed him.

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Does The Venus Butterfly Guarantee An Orgasm?

The Venus Butterfly. It made its debut on TV legal drama LA Law, when— during the 1986 Thanksgiving episode—script writers Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher referred to a mysterious sex technique that guarantees a woman endless, repeated climaxes. The day after Thanksgiving the media was buzzing with talk of the trick, and every loving couple across the nation was wondering how to do it. But hey, it's just an urban myth, right? Sexologist Susan Quilliam investigates.

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Rebound Relationships: A Man's Approach

Women are the traditional consumers of self-help books, but guys need advice too. And what better way to find out what goes on inside his head than to read dating advice written by and for men? (Some might say you could ask him, but where's the fun in that?) In this spirit we bring you this piece by men's lifestyle expert, Oliver "Ali" Nejad, who fills you in on how men approach rebound relationships.

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Losing My Husband, Then Learning Of His Infidelity

At age 44, Julie Metz's seemingly perfect life of husband, daughter, work-from-home occupation and house in the suburbs was turned upside down when her husband unexpectedly died. Becoming a widow and a single mother would only be the tips of the iceberg challenges for Metz, as she later learned of her deceased husband's infidelities. How do you reconcile and forgive when the person who caused you pain is dead? This and other questions serve as the basis for Metz's memoir of "betrayal and renewal," Perfection, published in June.

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Best of YourTango: Blogs, Questions And More

Look at that pretty little face! Yes, we're talking to you! That's because this week YourTango was all about you. From our advice on why technological compadibilty is important to your blogs are sex education and your questions seek advice, there was only one thing on our minds this week: You! But, just in case you were too busy developing an narcissist complex than would put Narcissus to shame, here's this week's best.