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Relationship Coach: Is A Little Jealousy So Wrong?

Jealousy is never about just one thing; in relationships, it can often indicate that there are deeper issues at play. Listen up to this relationship coach advice if you've ever wondered: can a healthy amount of jealousy ever be good for you?

Letting Go of the Ghost of Relationships Past

Letting Go of the Ghost of Relationships Past

As Carrie Bradshaw once cleverly related “When a relationship dies, do we ever really give up the ghost, or are we forever haunted by the spirit of relationships past?” Many of us have had a BIG relationship. Maybe not as BIG as the relationship we're in, but we've all had one of those relationships that hit us hard, chewed us up, and spit us out in the end. And though we managed to sweep ourselves off, pick up the peaces and move on, sometimes we feel haunted by the ghost of the relationships past.

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The author in flight. Photo: Carla Ciccone

When I Wouldn't Confront My Trust Issues, They Confronted Me

Trapeze artists might be some of the bravest people in the world, but they're also among the most vulnerable. Tremendous trust—in themselves, other people, and the universe—is necessary to be able to climb up a 25-foot ladder, grab onto a thin bar, and jump. Relationships have always been my trapeze bars.

Relationship Expert: Social Media Rules For Monogamous Couples
Don't you dare upload that photo!
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Are You Too Social On Social Media?

Should you post that cute pic of your partner sleeping on Facebook? Probably not. Relationship expert Debra Smouse explains why sharing personal pictures of your partner on social media may be a betrayal — and the questions you should ask yourself before you click "upload now".