Brad Pitt and George Clooney
From acting together, to charity together, these two are a match made in Heaven!
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6 Most Adorable Celebrity Bromances

We all know that celebrities pretty much live in a different world than you and I do. However, that world isn't as big as we imagine, as a few of them have found true best friends in their famous career paths.

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas
"Wake up, Prince William. It's time for a Halloween party." "Go away, Kate Middleton."
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6 Pop Culture Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Sometimes the best part about being in a couple is getting to play the couples Halloween costume game. Halloween may still be weeks away, but it's never too early to start planning your costumes. Here are a few suggestions that you and your partner may want to try to rock this year.

Tom Cruise holding Suri
It's clear where Tom's heart lies
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A 'Shattered' Tom Cruise Visits Suri In New York

As the story goes, Tom Cruise did not see Katie Holmes' divorce file coming – not for a mile. Coping with that news has been incredibly trying for the actor these past few weeks, especially when it comes to being apart from his daughter, Suri Cruise.