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A Matchmaking Pro Gives Us Dating Advice

Ever wanted dating tips from a professional? I mean a professional who is not your sister. Matchmaker Suzanne Oshima has been helping men and women find love since 2001. She works with men and women who vary in age and experience but have one thing in common: They aren't afraid to ask for help when it comes to dating.

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What Happy Couples Have In Common [VIDEO]

We asked the top love experts to give the final word on the most-asked relationship and dating questions. In this episode of "The Final Word," we asked them what qualities a couple should have in common—similar interests, physical attraction, values or a combination of all three?

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Am I Doomed To Get A Divorce?

In the latest video episode of Ask YourTango—where readers seek out advice on love and relationships—Paul Carrick Brunson helps a woman who is afraid of marriage because of the high divorce rates. Should we let these doom and gloom divorce statistics sway us from getting married? Paul shares his insight.

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Do You Know What Men Want In Bed?

Contrary to popular belief, guys aren't satisfied with just getting laid. They want it to be good and exciting too. I know—so demanding. But I aim to please and with that in mind, I convinced a couple of guys I know to confess what they really wish women did more of in the sack.