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Jerry Seinfeld's 'The Marriage Ref' Debuts Soon

Let the airing of grievances begin! Jerry Seinfeld is returning to NBC in February with a new, unscripted series called The Marriage Ref, serving as co-producer along with Ellen Rakieten (rake it in?) of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Jerry explains that this is "not a therapy show, it's a comedy show," pointing out that some of the funniest TV programs throughout history have been about marriage.


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Some friends are no good for your dating life. How to score with all 24 types of women. What happens when Mr. Perfect is a snoozer in the sack? It's said that women do crazy things for love too. Guys, it appears, have thoughts on ladies' pubic hair. Are you addicted to love? Would you date a bloke with long hair? What's with guys with ponytails? How are cellphones, online porn and mediocre sex related? Sometimes a guy in Louisiana doesn't want to marry interracial couples. Tall dudes get good-looking ladies. We all change when we get into a relationship. And Tina Fey was a late bloomer.

TV's 7 Most Dysfunctional Couples
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TV's 7 Most Dysfunctional Couples

Sure, the characters in television shows are generally gorgeous, intelligent, and seem to lead lives well out of their financial means. Nevertheless, even these blessed fictional beauties have problems when it comes to relationships. Commitment phobes, sex addicts, and the emotionally unhealthy run rampant on today's most popular television programs. Take a look at these couples and feel better about your own relationship. You're welcome.