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Elin To Stay In Sexless Marriage With Tiger Woods

It's being reported that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have made an agreement to stay married, but not to sleep in the same bed. "Elin wants a solid family life," a source has told People magazine. "She wants to keep her family together even if she and Tiger live together as friends instead of lovers."

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What Really Goes On In Sex Rehab?

While the treatment center will not confirm it, Tiger Woods is rumored to be undergoing sex rehab in Mississippi, where his wife Elin Nordergren has reportedly visited him. Tiger is just the latest celebrity in what appears to be a slew of notable people (David Duchovny, Steve Phillips) checking in to sex rehab following a public sex scandal. Accurate numbers don't exist, but a Time expert believes that approximately 5 percent of Americans suffer from sex addiction, most of whom are men. Is Your Partner a Sex Addict?

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Tiger Woods' Sex Rehab Routine

It's been 54 days since we've last seen Tiger Woods, but finally, he's been spotted: At Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Thank the National Enquirer for the first picture and the scoop, which has it that scorned wife Elin Nordegren threatened to take their children away unless he "vowed to stop cheating and enter sex rehab." A man has got to do what a man has got to do. Here's what we know about the situation:

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The Links: Ultimatums & Changing Him

Why a guy's number (or a girl's) has to be baloney. What to do if he's boring in bed. What college-aged women don't care for in bed. Maybe faking an orgasm is OK from time to time. Getting even with an ex using a Craigslist escort. Do men snoop on their ladies? Poker star Vanessa Rousso tells you how to tell if a guy is lying. It is possible to change a man. When is it appropriate to bring up the past (sometimes never)? Are all dudes intimidated by tough cookie women or just timid dudes? Why are girlfriends-on-the-side unable to keep quiet? And are celebrity wedding vow renewals terrible or what?

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Is Tiger Woods In Sex Rehab?

Tiger Woods has been out of the public eye for a few weeks now, and sources say he is seeking treatment for sex addiction at The Meadows, a private Arizona facility that has also hosted David Duchovny and Eric Benet.

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Elin's Alpine New Years Vs Tiger's NYC Vodka Binge

It's easy to imagine Elin Nordegren saying to herself, "au revoir deux mille neuf!" while bounding down a black diamond trail on some mountain high in the French Alps. It's the New Year, and for Elin that means... a new start? Maybe — January 1st did mark the start of a new year and a new decade for the scorned wife and Sweden's heroine du jour, who turned 30 when the clock hit 12:00 am.

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Is Tiger Really The Story Of The Year/Decade?

The story that has dominated the last month of this past decade is, of course, Tiger Woods. The most important athlete of the 21st century is the focal point of a story that started with a wrecked Escalade, segued into a potential female-on-male instance of domestic violence and culminated with the revelation that Tiger has been poppin' gals on the side like it's nobody's business. But is this really a big story?

Is Tiger A Sex Addict?
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Is Tiger Woods A Sex Addict?

Addiction is genetic, that's been proven. But we also know that patterns are repeated throughout generations because of the model passed down from elder to offspring. Is Tiger Woods a sex addict, or is he just following in the footsteps of his famously influential father, Earl Woods?