Dating Tips: How To Keep Him Interested
Slow down, sister! Have you even met his family?
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Think He's 'The One'? Not So Fast!

Learn why he may be retreating after you tell him he's "the one" with these dating tips from Elizabeth Stone. (Hint: a man who says, 'She's the one!' after a few weeks of dating is about as rare as a unicorn).

5 Ways Abandonment Issues Can Ruin Your Relationships
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5 Ways Abandonment Issues Can Ruin Your Relationships

A few months ago I introduced readers to the Seven Dwarves of Smallness. Others call them your demons, but I think that gives them too much power. The Seven Dwarves are the gatekeepers to your soul. They are there to protect who you really are. I'm here to stick up for them, because the truth is, they have a very important job. They were put in place to keep your greatest gifts safe from harm.

merry christmas happy holidays
Christmas 101.
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Love Bytes: The Couples' Holiday Survival Guide

27 things men say that are total turn-offs. 20 gifts you absolutely don't want. Enjoying the chase of a new relationship. A new couples' holiday survival guide. Some authors are terrible at writing about sex. Some condom ads are downright scary. How to make sex more spiritual. And, can you dump him before Christmas?