50 Shades Of Gray: Do You Like It Rough? [EXPERT]
This book may make you reach for your handcuffs ...
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50 Shades Of Grey: Do You Like It Rough?

I just saw a video clip from The View, during which Barbara Walters asked her co-hosts if they like it rough. As in do they like their sex rough. Not surprisingly, none of them would answer the question, despite Walters' best efforts. Whoopi Goldberg was so distracted imagining her co-hosts having rough sex she said, "You made my eyes bleed!"

Scott Brown on the cover of his book, 'Against All Odds'.
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Scott Brown's Wife Didn't Know About His Past Sexual Abuse

Have you ever kept a big secret from your spouse? Senator Scott Brown's wife, former reporter Gail Huff, revealed to The View on Monday that she didn't know about her husband's child sexual abuse until she read about it in his book, Against All Odds. He has never told her. She only had inklings of his painful past—an assault at summer camp when he was 10 years old—but never knew the whole picture.

Lisa Ling
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Lisa Ling's Miscarriage Made Her Feel Like a Failure

Lisa Ling may have left her seat at The View years ago, but she recently reunited with her former co-hosts to publicly share her story of suffering a miscarriage. Although she and husband Paul Song "hadn't been trying that long" to get pregnant with their first child, they were shocked six months ago when their unborn child's heart stopped at seven weeks six months. Devastated by the loss, she's hoping to show other women who've been through it that they're not alone.

Mike Tyson and Lakiha Spicer
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Mike Tyson & Women: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Not many famous men have had quite the troubled history with women that former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has. During his appearance on Friday's edition of The View, the boxer revealed, "I don't deserve to have the wife that I have...but I do, and I'm very grateful." Here now is a brief timeline of Mike's chequered past, focusing on the women he's loved, lost and wronged.

Octomom on the View
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Octomom Cackles On "The View" About More Children

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman recently appeared on The View to promote... herself? But of course! And while some say she is mad the way she carries on (ahem, Barabara, Whoopie), perhaps there is a method to it. After all, as the mother of fourteen, this woman has got to do or say something every once in a while to extend her fifteen minutes of fame. Babies got to eat! The latest crazy? She's not done breeding.

Jenny Sanford and Barbara Walters
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Jenny Sanford's Tell-All Book

Jenny Sanford is talking to everyone in the hopes of selling a bazillion copies of her new book, "Staying True"...One interviewer who didn't just lob softballs at Jenny was GMA's new co-host George Stephanopoulos, who asked her if, after the scandal broke, she "called legislators to save her husband's job." Although she was thrown for a second, Jenny proved that living with a politician all those years rubbed off on her by answering, "Not to my knowledge. I don't recall calling anybody."

Carrie Prejean
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Carrie Prejean Becomes Unhinged On Larry King Live

Speaking with Sean Hannity, on The View, and last night on Larry King Live, it's been clear that "nobody defends Carrie Prejean Like Carrie Prejean," in the very wise words of Barbara Walter. Carrie Prejean stays on point — "It was the biggest mistake of my life," one that she takes "full responsibility for" but that can be blamed on a vast left-wing conspiracy — that is until someone messes with her carefully scripted damage control routine. Apparently, her people had an agreement with Larry King's people that no calls would be taken from viewers on the show. Well, one was and Carrie went berserk, ripping off her mic and then just sitting there... smirking, calling out Larry King for his "inappropriateness" (Read the full transcript of the interview on the next page) The innocuous-yet-campy question that sent her over the line didn't even have anything to do with the sex tape.