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UK Women May Get The Pill Without Prescription

The new British equivalent of the Surgeon General wants to experiment with making the pill available without prescription. The morning-after pill is largely available in the UK without prescription. We just hope that kids don't start using these pills recreationally. That could be a problem. Though it may limit teen pregnancies.

Is Skipping Your Period Safe?

Is Skipping Your Period Safe?

Ever wish you could ditch your monthly cycle? Experts say that taking two packs of the pill back to back—which will result in a skipped period—is quite safe. Expert Dr. Leslie Miller talks about menstrual suppression with birth control pills such as Seasonale, Alesse and it's generic counterpart, Aviane. It might take you several tries to find the right pill to stop your bleeding, but here's a good place to start. According to Dr. Miller, "A woman should be able to ask, 'How much progestin and estrogen do I need to turn off ovulation until I want to have a baby?' or say: 'I want to have a period every three months, or maybe I don't want any at all.' That's my vision. We need to learn how to dose the pill to get that effect."