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Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock Jesse James Oscars Curse
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Is There Really A Best Actress Oscar Curse?

Llast year's Best Actress Oscar winner Kate Winslet and her husband of seven years, director Sam Mendes, have separated. And now, Sandra Bullock has left Jesse James after reports of infidelity. The news has the Internet buzzing with talk of a Best Actress curse. This supposed curse is not a new idea. Gossip junkies haven't been able to ignore a very distinct pattern that has developed over the last nine years.

Gabourey Sidibe, Gerard Butler
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Gabourey Sidibe Hits On Gerard Butler

Apparently, Gabourey Sidibe is just the latest Hollywood starlet to fall under Gerard Butler's spell. During her red carpet Oscar interview with Billy Bush on Sunday, she noticed Gerard standing nearby and remarked, "He's kinda sexy. I'd hit that." When Gerard heard this, he said, ""I'm here, I'm available."

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart
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Oscar Presenters: Rating Their Chemistry

While the Oscar red carpet is the best place to check out who's dating who, the actual show is a great time to check out the chemistry between presenters. As with every broadcast, some of this year's couplings seemed really random (Jennifer Lopez and Sam Worthington) and others made perfect sense (Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner), but it was interesting to see which paired-up Oscar presenters really hit if off...and which ones looked like they just wanted to hit each other.

James Cameron Kathryn Bigelow Oscar
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James Cameron Applauds Ex-Wife Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Bigelow wears well-earned success well. And her ex-husband, James Cameron, swallows defeat with grace — and (dare we say it) pride. She won! He stood. The crowd roared. The Hurt Locker won six Oscars this year, including Best Director and Best Picture, which, as @kellyoxford said and @ebertchicago retweeted, made "So many ex wives feel good right now."

oscar statue with an x on it

7 Ways To Improve The Oscars (For Dudes)

As you likely know, the Academy Awards are this weekend and cinephiles couldn't be more excited. The average dude, on the other hand, is looking forward to something to watch as sports are in their dead zone between the Super Bowl and the NCAA conference tournaments and March Madness. Did you see the vigor which guys followed the Olympics? We'll watch ANYTHING this time of year with a remotely competitive aspect. We watched Curling for Sasquatch's sake! But the Oscars broadcast could be more entertaining for dudes, like the Super Bowl has witty-if-misogynistic commercials and halftime shows for the ladies, and here's how:

win an oscar for best supporting wife
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Would You Win The Oscar For Best-Supporting Wife?

The 2010 Oscars are just around the corner. Given the touchy connection between acceptance speech mentions and marital bliss, we wonder: if there were an award for Best-Supporting Spouse, would you win? Here are three ways to successfully support a spouse, all the way to the Kodak Theatre stage.



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