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10 More Dating Deal Breakers To Ignore

Last week, we clued you in to 10 dating deal breakers that really aren't—and could be keeping you from the One. Some of you agreed. An awful lot of you thought we were raving lunatic nut jobs. But bear with us. We're only looking out for your best interests—which is why we wanted to bring you 10 more dating deal breakers that, under most circumstances, shouldn't really be considered deal breakers. Because beneath that nervous tic or that crustache or that really ugly shirt is the man of your dreams. You just have to look past superficial details and find out who he really is.

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10 Dating Deal Breakers That Really Aren't

There's been a lot of of talk lately about settling for Mr. Good Enough, due to Lori Gottlieb's newest book, Marry Him. Despite the book's provocative title, however, Gottlieb's latest opus isn't really about settling. Rather, it's a case for maintaining an open mind when considering new men, instead of nitpicking over inconsequential surface details. She has a point. Looking at our track record, it's obvious that the checklist we've used on prospective men hasn't really netted us the best results. Which is why we had a powwow to put together a list of the 10 deal breakers that ... well ... shouldn't really be considered deal breakers.

Yes...I think.

Engaged & Confused: Overcoming My Fear Of Marriage

I love Dean, but in the bright light of wedding planning I found myself picking him apart. I watched commercials and wondered how I could know that we were meant to be together if we were never paired by experts based on the nine dimensions of compatibility. I spun myself up more than a dozen times weighing all the pros and cons (in an Excel spreadsheet, no less) and fretting over the unknowns. Read about how I overcame my fears.


How To Fall In Love With Mr. Good Enough

The problem with a list, I realized, is that it’s hard to translate the bullet points into a real, live human being. The fact is, you can’t make a list that doesn’t either oversimplify or take things out of context. For instance, even if you make a list of qualities you want, they aren’t all weighted equally (is height as important as honesty?), and with many qualities you want, it’s not like people have them or they don’t. Often, they have some degree of that quality—like sense of humor or financial stability—which may not be exactly what you had in mind when you wrote it down. Lori Gottlieb tells us why dating Mr. Good Enough might be a better idea than dating Mr. Right.

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Odds Of Finding The One Exactly 285,000:1

The exact arithmetical chances of finding your perfect partner? 1 in 285,000. A math tutor at a U.K. university used the same formula that was used to determine how many civilizations might exist in our galaxy and applied it on a much smaller scale to his hometown of London. It turns out that on any given night there are probably 26 girls in the U.K. who might make a suitable partner for him.

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10 Signs He's Not The One

Some people say they "just knew" that they were dating their future spouse. But what about the rest of us? What happens when you're not sure if he's The One? If you're considering long-term commitment or marriage, it's time to ask yourself some tough questions. Below, ten signs that may indicate he's not the one for you.

Neenah Pickett
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52 Weeks, 30+ Dates, 1 Blog, 0 Husbands

The New Year is off to a bittersweet start for Neenah Pickett. The New Jersey media consultant, 43, spent all of 2009 searching for love and not finding it. Still, Pickett emerged with hope and pride intact. At her Web site 52 Weeks 2 Find Him, she chronicled her dozens of dates and introduction to online dating and social networking sites—her message being that finding the love of your life should take work. "I did not put any effort into dating and went on two first dates in 14 years," she said of her past approach. "I thought, 'If I give all my effort like I do in my career and other areas of my life, will that make a difference?'"


The Best Of The Web: Tiny Apartments & Your Purse

Living together in a really tiny apartment. How to be a bad boyfriend. Chaps who go to all-boys schools become bad boyfriends, usually. What the contents of her purse mean. Learning love from the Jersey Shore. Surprising stats about sex and fidelity. Joy Behar says Rachel Utichel is a hooker (more or less). Maybe monogamy is the unusual thing, hmmm? Delving into the meaning of mixed tapes. Alienation of affection. Loving her feet and disclosing a foot fetish. When you discover someone who is almost, nearly "the one." And why didn't he call you back?

Why Can't I Find A Relationship?

Why Can't I Find A Relationship?

One frustrated YourTango user has tried it all from online dating to setups. She wants to settle down and doesn't know why she's not meeting someone. Watch the video to learn Dr. Diana's expert advice for how to improve a so-so love life.


My One Great Love...Wasn't

Our story had all of the makings of a great love story. Once upon a time we met one evening in a dark, crowded party. He told me I was beautiful. I was young enough for him to appear larger than life. We kissed on the sidewalk in the rain. I fell hard for him—hard like scrape-me-off-the-floor-with-a-spatula hard. But we were wrong for each other in every way. We were young, immature, and troubled. It ended tragically—Sebastian stood me up on a cold, snowy New Year's Eve and the two of us never spoke again. I went on with my life.


Math Nerd Solves Dating Equation

An Aussie mathematician named Dr. Clio Cresswell (from the University of Sidney, of course) theorizes the exact number of frogs one must kiss before finding a prince (the one). In her book, Mathematics And Sex, the mathlete claims that you can get to about a 75 percent likelihood of finding something that will last using her quantitative analysis.