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Best Ideas For Untraditional Bridesmaids Favors

If you're getting married this summer and wondering what to give your bridesmaids, look no further. The Frisky has come up with the distinguishing, creative bride's gift guide, featuring poetry books, silk scarves and unusual chocolate flavors. So be boring no more and make your bridal party the hippest around with these quirky favors.

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Wedding Survival Guide: Dos And Don'ts Of The Big Day

One thing I learned before I got married is that nobody loves to talk about weddings more than women who just got married. They’ll grab on to any socially acceptable opportunity to relive their experiences. Now, I’m one of those women who’s full of tips on how to get through your wedding day. One day, maybe you can pass a few of these dos and don’ts on to the next girl when you go to blab about your wedding.

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My Online Date Turned Out To Be A Thief

As a broke, 27-year-old graduate student slowly recovering from a messy break up, I posted a profile on OkCupid in hopes of meeting a guy who did his own laundry and didn’t kill animals. Despite my Baptist parents’ and grandparents’ longstanding encouragement to find a God-fearing gentleman, my standard was slightly lower. A man who was more or less moral would do.

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New iPhone App Shows How Your Boobs Would Look After Surgery

iAugment is a Photoshop-style iPhone app that uses a 3D pic of your chest to show you how you'd look with bigger jigglies. iAugment allows you to view 17 different breast implant sizes—from "Blake Lively goes softcore" to "Sheyla Hershey circus boobs." (Just kidding, they're not really called that.) Created by plastic surgeon Elizabeth Kinsley from New Orleans, the iAugment app claims to help women decide if they really want a boob job.

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Fashion Website Isn't Meant To Alienate Men

I don't know that a formal survey's been done, but I think it's safe to say that in the eyes of most straight men in America, turbans on a women's head aren't hot. Neither are ostrich-feather miniskirts, utility pants, or capes. To many guys, tight, form-fitting, and revealing fashions constitute "sexy." And isn't that what fashion is supposed to be all about? Getting us to look at one woman rather than another?

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Pegging Defined

"Pegging" is when a woman wears a strap-on dildo and penetrates a man's anus. Did you know that? Now you do. The term "pegging" was coined in a contest by pioneering sex advice columnist Dan Savage. Here's my opinion on "pegging": Hey, look, I just found a shiny quarter! I bet it's a lucky quarter! I'm going to make a wish and that wish is that I don't have to write about "pegging."

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The Right Way To Date Multiple Men At The Same Time

Ladies, there is absolutely no shame in diversifying your dating portfolio. In fact, it's highly encouraged to put your eggs into lots of different baskets while you're a free agent, as long as you can do it without being a total dick. There is an art to dating multiple guys at once while keeping your dating karma intact.

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I Dated A Porn Star

We discussed cats. I admired his tattoos. I described my date with the grad student, and PS made hilarious references to the "stop being analytical" line for the rest of the evening. We had second glasses of wine. PS made a joke referencing Hamlet, and when I was done laughing he kissed me.

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Does Unavailable = Irresistible?

So, you know, I have a boyfriend now. It's pretty awesome. I'm psyched. I'm happy. I must be radiating blissfully coupled up vibes into the stratosphere because in the last two days, three dudes with whom I have had serious romantic feelings for, hooked up with and/or dated have come out of the woodwork after a lengthy absence and have tried to bark up my tree. It's like Cupid's Evil Cousin whispered in their ears, "Amelia is happy, fulfilled, and no longer interested in dating or DTF—don't you suddenly want to give her a shout?"

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Should We Intervene In Our Friend's Dysfunctional Relationship?

Much like an obese person has to want to lose weight or an alcoholic has to want to get sober, Bill's going to have to want to be in a healthy relationship before he gives up Erin or considers counseling. No amount of helpful encouragement from well-meaning friends or loved ones will push an addict to give up his drug of choice—including food, booze, and a dysfunctional relationship—before he's ready.

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Why My Emotional Affair Had To End

Last summer, I fell in love with my boxing teacher. I never kissed him. I never spent time alone with him. Though I did have mental sex with him at least a thousand times, and was only left with goose bumps and a weakened mind.

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Making Peace With Dating PTSD

Last night, I sat with my iPhone out on my bedside table. I was staring at it waiting for the text box to light up. It was an hour before my second (damn) date with Mark*, the best date-asker-outer known to woman. Although Mark had confirmed our date, even told me what time he would text me and offered to pick me up at my place, I couldn’t stop the dark cloud from approaching overhead. Love is a war that enacts violence on your heart. After so many years, I’ve ceased to be able to imagine peace. I am ruled by fear. My heart exists in a state of panic.

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What I'm Learning From My Long-Distance Relationship

In the grand scheme of things, it's only a year. He's not going to war and from what I know, computer programming is not the most dangerous profession. I've got trips to look forward to, great friends to drink with, and myself to take care of. I'll definitely have my sad moments, but I'm taking this with a grain of sugar, if you will, and making it into a growing experience. As much for me as it will be for him.