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Some Startling Stats About Sex & Texting [EXPERT]
According to one survey, 10% of people under 25 text during sex.
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Some Startling Stats About Sex & Texting

Just how attached are you to your mobile phone? According to OnlineCollege, 10 percent of people under 25 text during sex. Among all adults surveyed, 15 percent said they would answer a phone call in the middle of sex. Do your friends really need a play-by-play, 160-character description while you are naked, under the sheets with your significant other?

Give Good Sext
Sex and texting: the perfect combo!

Give Good Sext: 7 Things To Know Before You Text Him

No matter how old you are, chances are you've engaged in one of the latest texting trends: sexting. Sexting is sending a somewhat naughty text to someone, in hopes to rev up their engine, if you will. By following these tips below, you'll be geared up to give good sext in no time.

The Ins & Outs Of Texting & Dating [EXPERT]
What's your preferred means of communication?
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The Ins & Outs Of Texting & Dating

The hierarchy of dating communication goes as follows: text message, chat, email, phone call. Text is largely considered the lowest level in the food chain of communication. Although, arguably, Facebook chat is lower. I mean, at least you need someone's cell phone number in order to text, right? Yet, I love texting.

woman hand mouth
Did she just share a naked photo of her guy with her friends?
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The 'Naked' Truth About Sexting!

Please do not send us photos of your junk. If we want to see you naked, we'll make it known; you don't need to go on sending text messages with aerial shots of your penis.

Text in the City

Text in the City

The hierarchy of communication: Text Chat Email Phone Text is largely considered the lowest common denominator in the food chain of communication. Although arguably Facebook chat is lower. I mean you have to have someone’s cell # in order to text, right? Yet I love texting. It’s quick and efficient and concise. And I am rarely concise- ask my husband. I once told a friend who was editing an interview of mine that I am better when edited, and he wisely said “Everyone’s better when edited.” (Thank you, Dave Adox) And here I babble.

How to Hook ‘em With That First Email
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How to Hook ‘em With That First Email

Internet dating: isn’t it fun?  It can be if know how to have fun with it.  Don’t just  sit back and wait for people to contact you.  If you are male or female (especially if you’re female) reach out and contact the people you find attractive.  It’s a whole different world of dating today.

woman yawning in bed
Is that really the first thing on her mind in the morning?

Relationship Fail: Good Mornin' World, My Boyfriend Loves Me!

It's perfectly normal for a guy to text his girlfriend with "good morning" to get her in a good mood for the day. Going through the hassle of taking a screenshot of this ordinary text and uploading it to a social media platform for the world to see, however, is not normal.

sunshine emoticons
An example of what text messages look like between this couple

Relationship Fail: You Are My Cute, Little, Adorkable Sunshine

If your friends on Facebook and Twitter keep asking how old you are, you may want to reconsider your use of emoticons, winkies, smiley faces and beating heart icons in your updates. The days of Lisa Frank cuteness are over, toots. It's time to grow up and accept the boring lines and excel spreadsheets of adulthood.

female hands texting
Your partner may be more honest if a question is posed via text message.
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Want A Guy To Tell The Truth? Text Him

Some may say there is a downside to our tendency to text, but there are plenty of perks associated with simple SMS messages. Thanks to sexting, you could be in a crowded room but still telling your boyfriend all the dirty things you want to do to him later. And, on the tamer (and potentially less harmful) side, texts are the best way to get someone to reveal the truth.

Angry Single Blogger: Please Don't Call Me! It's Called Texting.
"Oh, hi. How was my day? My day was FANTASTIC until you decided to call and ruin it."
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Angry Single Blogger: Please Don't Call Me! It's Called Texting.

Recently here at YourTango, relationships expert Julianne Cantarella gave her advice about what to do when a guy prefers texting to calling you on the phone. Along with pointing out that if you're anti-texting you should address it early on in the relationship, she also stated the following: "Texting can create a false sense of intimacy allowing you to believe that you're in an exclusive relationship when you really aren't."

Kids & Sexting: What Parents Need To Know [EXPERT]
Sexting isn't sexy.
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Kids & Sexting: What Parents Need To Know

Recently, a group of about 13 children at a high school in Dallas Fort Worth Texas were arrested in a sexting scandal. The officers involved said that in Texas, teenagers are charged with a misdemeanor for sexting. It is a much more serious issue in other states that can result in the youth being charged with a felony crime. Kids are then labeled sex offenders for an impulsive act that is common in many schools.