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kids using tablet
When did you first give your child a smartphone?

Why Does My Kid Feel Entitled To A Cellphone?

Your son or daughter approaches you and begs for the latest cellphone, tablet, mp3 player or laptop. Do you say "yes" and give in to their wants or do you hold out to teach them how to responsibly earn it on their own? More and more parents are giving into their kids' demands, and more and more kids are growing up into entitled adults. So how do we — as parents — stop the cycle?

Technology: Is Modern Dating Destroying Love?
We're living in an increasingly disconnected world when it comes to emotions.

Modern Dating Is Destroying Relationships, Says A Former 'Player'

We seem to have lost patience with everything. We don't read books like we used to. We channel surf. We move on if a web page takes more than five seconds to download. A major problem we face as a society is that relationships — the bedrock of our society — are being treated with the same impatience as everything else.

Do you need to wiggle out appearing imprisoned?

Do you need to wiggle out appearing imprisoned?

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Love & Technology: Welcome To Dating In The Digital Age 2013
Based on our survey, 63% of people who use dating sites are looking for something serious.

Welcome To 'Dating In The Digital Age' 2013!

Instagram, 'selfies', sexting, dating websites — we can't decide whether technology has complicated our love lives or made them more convenient (or both?). But one thing's for sure, we could talk about the topic for days — make that two weeks, to be exact! Welcome to our first annual 'Dating In The Digital Age' campaign; from now until June 25th, we'll explore the exhilarating highs and the nail-biting lows of looking for love and maintaining healthy relationships in the era of technology. C'mon, join the discussion!

infidelity advice: video games
Escaping into a virtual world can mean he's pulling away from you in the real world.
Experts Blog

Game Over: How Playing Video Games Can Be A Form Of Cheating

Do you struggle to peel your partner away from the controller? Do you feel like he's cheating on you with a game? Your feelings may be valid. It's true, we don't think of gaming in the traditional way we think of infidelity, but any time your partner spends time and energy on something in a way that detracts from the relationship, that's an affair. Our expert explains.

woman staring at phone
Wait, why did he just text me 'K.'?!
Love Buzz

Facebook Event: Using Technology To Get The Love You Want

Some people "get lost in a fantasy world of digital relationships thatproduce real emotions but no real boyfriends," says Dr. Wendy Walsh, author of The 30-Day Love Detox. Sound familiar? Join us on Facebook on 6/10 and find out how you can use email, texting, social media and even your online dating profiles to find the love you want.

technology and dating
Does connecting online create a false sense of intimacy?

Is Technology Ruining Dating?

With online dating sites, apps and social media, technology has undoubtedly changed the way we meet and fall in love. But with its benefits, technology has its downsides. How else has technology changed the dating scene?