"Frozen" Queen Elsa of Arendelle and Beyonce dressed as Rosie the Riveter on Instagram
Queen Elsa, meet Queen Bey.

The Internet Would Explode If These Celebs Starred In "Frozen"

With all the frenzy around Frozen casting on Once Upon A Time, we came up with the ideal cast of players for a potential live-action rendition of Disney's Frozen. They may not necessarily be who you'd expect, but we guarantee you they'd create another blockbuster guaranteed to break the bank, because in this case, art imitates life for these characters.

Ben Stein
Ben Stein tried coercing a pregnant woman into letting him hug and kiss her.
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10 Celebs Who Are Major Creeps

Even celebs can be creepy, moreso than us regular folk because their actions are magnified and amplified in the media. These are nine celebs have done some pretty creepy things.

Amy Adams, Mila Kunis
Actresses like Amy Adams and Mila Kunis are bringing "nice" back to Hollywood.
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Amy Adams & Other Hollywood Stars Who Prove Kind Is The New Mean

Hollywood starlets and celebs, through the ages and through all periods, have been known for their diva-like, princess-y behavior. Throwing epic temper tantrums. Hurling bedazzled cell phones at assistants. Flashing her lady parts for all the world to see. But there is a new crop of actresses and celebs who are doing just the opposite. For that, we salute and applaud them.

Luke Bryan
Country superstar Luke Bryan is hosting the ACMs this Sunday, April 6, y'all
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13 Signs You're Obsessed With Country Music

The ACMS are this Sunday (April 6) on CBS, and they are just one of many country awards shows on the genre's red carpet calendar in a given year. If you know the difference between the ACMS, CMAs, CMTs and ACAs, you might just be a country music-o-holic.

Taylor Swift
“Her breakup with [blank] inspired every word of RED," a source tells Radar.
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Who Did Taylor Swift Lose Her Virginity To?

Fans curious to know the man-spiration behind Taylor Swift's album RED need look no further! An unnamed source has come forward with information regarding the country crooner's broken heart over a particular (very) famous celeb.