You don't want to add IRS issues to everything that's already on your plate.
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Recently Divorced? Here's What You Need To Know About Your Taxes

Part of going through a divorce or being newly divorced is being responsible for everything in your household when you probably used to share duties, such as financial obligations. Even if you did it all, things are different now and you may not know some of the perks you can get, or some of the rules you need to follow.

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Taxes are miserable enough on their own.
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Death & Taxes: Filing Alone After My Husband's Death

In the eight months since my husband's sudden death, I made it through the first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter. For each one, I had friends and family in place to spend time with. The last thing on my mind was the need to be prepared for grieving around the "first" tax preparation.

Divorced? How To Manage Your Household With One Income [EXPERT]
Eating in and being frugal goes a long way.
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Divorced? How To Manage Your Household With One Income

What gives me the right to teach you about household budgeting? Well, I've been there and done that. And as the saying goes: "I've got the T-shirt". After 18 years of marriage, it was over. Why it was over doesn't matter. Whose fault it was doesn't matter. That was part of my "moving on."

Death and Taxes
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Death and Taxes

DEATH & TAXES I sat down at my computer to write this message 90 minutes before I actually got one word on the page. The first thing I did was hook my iPhone up to my computer for an update. This was something I had put off doing for at least a couple of months or more.

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Would you date someone with different spending habits from yours?
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4 Tax Day Facts About Singles & Money

If the barrage of reminders on your television haven't been enough to keep you informed, today is Tax Day, the deadline to file your taxes to see just how much cash you are getting back from (or owe) the lovely government.

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Would you change your spending habits for a romantic partner?
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Tax Day: Let's Talk About Singles' Spending Habits

Relax—if you and your man have different ideas about what to do with your hard-earned cash (i.e. you like to save, he likes to spend), you can still have a healthy, romantic relationship, according to a new study from Chemistry.com that focused on love and money.

Marriage Doesn't Always Mean A Tax Break
Doing your taxes is hard work and marriage just makes it that much more confusing.

Marriage Doesn't Always Mean A Tax Break

Marriage certainly offers a great number of advantages - government, medical and legal benefits, companionship, teamwork, family, stability, love, and much more. However, there are also ways in which couples can be penalized for being married. One common misconception is that married couples receive greater tax benefits than single filers or unmarried couple who file separate tax returns. In reality, depending on each individual couple's financial circumstances, the opposite may be true. Conception of the Marriage Tax Penalty

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The 6 Biggest Tax Mistakes Couples Make

As if relationships weren't complicated enough, we're forced to add math, paperwork and the IRS into the mix this time of year. It almost makes us want to take our chances and hide from Uncle Sam on a tropical beach somewhere. But before plotting your own escape, consider these six big tax mistakes that couples make—and how to avoid them.

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Love, Money & Commitment: The Life Of An Un-Wife

Paul and Judith have been together for 17 years. They live together, renovated a house together, and share a home workspace. But they are not married. "Neither of us has ever been married, and we don't intend to marry each other. There are no practical reasons to do so—no kids (unless you count our elderly diabetic cat, Julius), no employer-paid health insurance—and several tax-related reasons not to." Nonetheless, they face the same financial strains and decisions that a married couple comes up against. This is the story of how an unconventional couple manages their finances, and why they've chosen this path.

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I Deceived My Wife; Our Tax Return Didn't

Being the child of a divorced family, I got to see first hand how lawyer bills stack up and how a woman's scorn can lead to a man sleeping in a car without money, food, or change of clothes. With this memory in mind I prepared myself for the unfortunate event that my wife and I would split. Little did I know that my earnest preparation would become fuel for the flame of an almost divorce. It all came out during tax season.