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It seems like Miley really 'can't stop' pushing the envelope!
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Miley Cyrus Got A Tattoo Where?!

Pop sensation Miley Cyrus has been in the news for a lot of controversial things recently, and her latest act is no less buzz-worthy. The 19-year-old good girl gone bad took to Twitter a few days ago, posting photos of what look like a tattoo on the inside of her bottom lip!

What Women Really Think … Of Your Tattoos
Hmm.. I wonder what that's going to look like when he's 50? Flickr, photochiel
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What Women Really Think … Of Your Tattoos

For this week's "What Women Really Think…" we're looking at how ladies feel about guys with tattoos. As with everything, we have some strong opinions on the topic, and received confirmation that tribal armbands really are the worst of the worst.

What Tattoos Really Say About A Woman [EXPERT]
Do you have a tattoo?
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What Tattoos Really Say About A Woman

Here are just a few examples of unflattering epithets we've heard. "Not very feminine." "Too tough." "Promiscuous" and even "dirty" or "trashy." How much truth is in all of that? Why are we so prejudiced when meeting someone new? You should get to know her first. You might be pleasantly surprised. Things are not always what they seem.

bikini butt
Why are we so taken by her choice of tattoo placement?

In Defense Of The Butt Tattoo

Why are we so taken by Maria Louise Del Rosario's choice of tattoo placement? Is it because we cringe at the presumed pain and feel like we have to share our collective "ouch" in a social media reflex? Is it because we all still like to say "anus" (it is a fun word), kind of an ode to our inner 12-year-old? Or is it because (for some) the anus still remains one of the last sexual roads less often traveled?

It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad

Dating Disaster: He Was A Hot, Ripped Chef With A Barney Tattoo

When Josh walked in, all the girls let out a collective "OMG!" gasp. He was well over six feet tall, with short brown hair, piercing blue eyes and full sleeve tattoos. For a group of women who all harbored a predilection for all things rocker-related, he was a vision. He was hot and he could cook. Could it get any better?

tattooed mom
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I'm A Responsible Mom And Wife—And Yes, I Have Tattoos

After three months of being a tattooed mom, I have felt those judging eyes as I walk away. In all likelihood, any opinion they formed about me has morphed into something else. Which just makes me want to tattoo the following down my arm: I’m a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering mom. I’m married. I own a home and a late model car. I have never received a speeding ticket, let alone been convicted of a crime. Too long?

Angelina Jolie

Sexy Ink: The Best Love-Inspired Celebrity Tattoos [GALLERY]

Getting inked in the name of love is not a surprising act in Hollywood. Rimes is just one of the many celebrities who have used body art as a way to express their passion for their significant others or family members. Click through our gallery to see some of our favorite celebrity ink.

vattoos vagina tattoo
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Vattoos: The New Vajazzling?

The spa geniuses have come up with a new way to pretty up our lady parts and empty our wallets—vattoos! If your logic computes that must mean a combination of vaginas and tattoos, then congratulations, you're pretty smart. However, understand these tattoos are (thankfully) painted on and are a good couple of inches above your actual vagina (thankfully again).