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Love: The Girls of Movember
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The Girls of Movember

In light of it being November, Movember is in full swing. And since we ladies can't (thankfully) raise a beard, we had to get creative to give some love to our hairy counterparts. The men of Movember are raising money for charities all across the country, and we wanted to show our support.

Just dumped
Just dumped?

The Worst Possible Ways To End A Relationship

"I assume most people are good people, so I think the hardest thing about breaking up with somebody is ... saying to someone 'I don't like you; I don't want to spend the rest of my life with you.' Nobody wants to say that to somebody!" explains comedian Jared Freid candidly at the onset of this humorous yet insightful look into the "art of breaking up."

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YourTango Is Looking For An Associate Editor!, the digital leader in love and relationships, is seeking an enthusiastic, detail-oriented Associate Editor to join our NYC staff as soon as possible. This editor will be a key part of the growing website's small, dedicated team. This is a full-time position in our Chelsea office.

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Looks Like We're The 'People' Magazine Of Dating Sites!

Gordon Gooch took to the sites dating tips blog to sing YourTango's praises. "It’s got the allure of flashy celebrity dating gossip; advice from an extensive panel of professional relationship experts; community advice forums; and articles, videos and blogs on every aspect of dating and every relationship stage," writes Gooch. Well, aren't you sweet!

happy couple
Every couple faces challenges eventually. Will you be ready?

How Can I Divorce-Proof My Marriage?

Are you in a committed relationship but afraid to take the next step for fear of it ending in divorce? Good news: you're not a alone. Anyone with a realistic view of relationships realizes that the honeymoon phase eventually ends and the risk of divorce is real. More good news: there are steps you can take to secure your relationship from failure.

Why Do I Always Attract Crazy Men?
Experts Blog

Why Do I Always Attract Crazy Men?

Every woman is working with the same pool of men. Say there are four billion men on Planet Earth. This is the pool of men that you have to work with. In this pool, there are going to be gentlemen, pimps, players, hustlers, and psychos. But, it’s the same pool of men. It’s not like the crazy men are coming from outside this pool. The question is, why do some women always attract the crazy men? The answer is you. You can either repel or invite these men into your life. The only reason you attract crazy men is because you talk to them.

Sex in the Dark or Leave the Lights On?

Sex in the Dark or Leave the Lights On?

Imagine yourself courting your mate for a long period of time and you are so excited about being together you decide to get married. After saying your “I do’s” you hit a roadblock before you consummate the marriage. Your new wonderful spouse wants you to turn off the lights prior to having sexual relations. You’re shocked, but realize you never spoke about your preferences. Do you turn the lights off or leave it on?