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couple navigating directions

Wife Vs. GPS

This is one man who's happy to ask for directions. But should he trust his wife… or his new GPS? "For the last nine years, my wife has been my shining directional beacon, a kind of sit-next-to-me Northern Star. When we lived in New York City, she would send me on the subway with yellow post-it notes that detailed the stops and transfers. Without these handwritten guides, I'd likely be penning this story as an emissary of the mole people. But this year, I was given a Garmin global positioning system (GPS) as a birthday gift—a robot whose sole responsibility was to offer me the best route to take."

destination wedding
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6 Never-Been-Done Destination Weddings

Italian soccer player Luca Ceccarelli and his fiancée, Irene Lanforti, made history when they were married under the very same balcony where legend has it the woman who served as inspiration for Shakespeare's Juliet revealed her love for her real-life Romeo so many centuries ago. The wedding marks the first to take place in this historic location.


Dealing with widowed life w/ humor

My life at 58, a widow of 11 years, a mother of two, a full-time worker for the first time in ages, all my crazy hobbies and what I do for fun, and also how frustrating this whole thing can be at times!

Keep Marriage Fresh
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5 Simple Hobbies That Can Help Couples Reconnect

MSNBC recently explored the idea of how boredom affects divorce and while the potential may seem scary, the solution is surprisingly easy. "Shared challenges and exciting diversions are what make relationships hot long after the wedding gown has been packed up and stored away" the article states. "Boredom and a dull, daily routine, can kill a marriage, squashing intimacy and romance."

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Poll: Which Romantic Getaway Is Your Style?

Poll: Which Romantic Getaway Is Your Style?: Exotic (The Sahara, Amazon Rainforest) Fun (Disneyland, Universal Studios) Sexy (South Beach, Cancun) Traditionally romantic (Paris, Rome, New York) Somewhere else

how to flirt enroute
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How To Pick Up Men On Public Transportation

If an office romance isn’t your speed, at least take advantage of the time you spend getting to work every day. An hour here and there amounts to endless opportunities to test out various flirting techniques and give your love life a promotion.

razor vibrator
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The Next Innovation In Self-Pleasure

The Tinge is a vibrator disguised as a razor: have an orgasm with that shave! It looks like a thicker version of a pink Gillette Venus and you can use it to shave your legs—or to pleasure yourself. The Tinge also comes with a charging stand, so you can keep it in your bathroom to use in tandem with water pressure in the shower, and no one will be the wiser.

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Go Ahead And Rent A Human [VIDEO]

There's a new way to play tourist in an unknown city and it doesn't involve a double-decker bus or guidebook. Through Like-a-Local, you and your man can rent a human resident for a day, and literally experience the city as a local would. Like-a-Local caters to young, hip travellers (like yourselves) and features rentable locals in 20 cities, including Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York. But before you rent, remember: The locals you hire promise to show you a good time, but not too good.

couple bad weather

Handling Honeymoon Disappointments

It all began right after our tour of Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands: gray skies, drizzle, word of a "tropical storm warning," and then the news that we'd be in the path of a possible category three hurricane. That meant the various activities included in our honeymoon package—the drive to the top of the island to watch the sunset, the excursion to the Virgin Gorda to go snorkeling, the trip to the private beach—were promptly nixed. "It's fine," said Steve, as I started to whine. "I'd rather be here in the middle of a hurricane than anywhere else. At least we're together." Whatever. Nice words, but they weren't clearing the skies—or getting us a refund. I'm usually a real Girl Scout about stuff like this, able to buck up in the direst of circumstances, but my honeymoon was my turf, and it was being peed on by God.

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The World's Longest Honeymoon

It's been said that there's no better way to test a relationship than to take it on the road. And in the case of Brendan and Sarah, that road will be about 130 times longer than your average weekend getaway. For thirteen months, they'll be abandoning their home, friends, and careers to take their newly married butts and backpacks around the world. Along the way, they'll travel to twenty countries and send out podcasts documenting their adventures. Will they fight over the mosquito repellent? Get it on in an ancient monument? Only time will tell.

Holiday Travel Love Stories
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Holiday Travel Love Stories

Hitches in travel are as much a holiday staple as the Christmas tunes we hear every December. Don't let delays get you down—instead read up on this list of travel-related love tales to warm your spirits (or land you a quick shag in an airport closet, if that's your thing).