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Is he always online?
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How Facebook Is Ruining Your Relationship

You've had a long day and need some time to unwind. What is the first activity you are drawn to do? For most people, it's Facebook, much to the dismay of their significant others and to the detriment of their romantic relationships.

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The love of an animal is unconditional.
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The Human Whisperers: Horses Act As Couples' Therapists

Picture this: your relationship is on the rocks and you're in the market for a couples' therapist. You conduct an online search, and encounter a form requesting your preference: male, female or...equine? Believe it or not, horses are the latest trend for couples who have reached the end of their ropes and are seeking to restore their connection.

How To Avoid The January Breakup Frenzy [EXPERT]
Don't let your relationship fall victim to the new year!
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How To Avoid The January Breakup Frenzy

By looking at the usual reasons for January breakups, you can strategize how to keep your relationship intact. Instead of being blindsided, you can take charge of your relationship and repair it ... or at least control how it ends.

5 Signs Of Verbal Abuse In Your Relationship
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5 Signs Of Verbal Abuse In Your Relationship

by Marina Sbrochi, for   Verbal abuse sneaks into countless relationships.  It is something that millions of women and men endure on a daily basis. One in four teenage girls in a relationship report that they've been repeatedly verbally abused. Another poll reveals that 33 million American adults are victims of domestic violence (repeated focus groups of women show that 3 out of 4 females count regular insults and name-calling as domestic violence).

Is A Democrat-Republican Relationship Doomed?
Could you be with someone on the other side of the political fence?
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Is A Democrat-Republican Relationship Doomed?

During the last election, my neighbors Mark and Jennifer were at odds with each other. They had been married for over 25 years and always voted for the same party. This year was different. Mark was voting for McCain, and Jennifer was voting for Obama.

Should You Divorce An Unfaithful Spouse?[EXPERT]
Can you forgive a spouse who cheated?
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Should You Divorce An Unfaithful Spouse?

Since 1994, we have worked with thousands of marriages, many affected by infidelity, though all the other problems have been represented in quantity as well. Control and domination, addiction, anger, step-family difficulties, in-law problems, and more lead people to contact us for help. They do not always call to seek help to save their marriages; sometimes they call because they feel confusion about whether they should divorce or try to reconcile their marriages.

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Should health issues get in the way of love?
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What Happened To "In Sickness & In Health?"

With the obesity epidemic in this country, it should be no surprise when that the next person you go out with may not be the perfect picture of health. But would a health issue stop you from dating someone? Most people on the dating scene say yes.

Dating Across Political Lines: 4 Tips To Make It Work [EXPERT]
Maria Shriver & Arnold Schwarzenegger made it work for 25 years.
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Dating Across Political Lines: 4 Tips To Make It Work

Let's say you're a staunch republican, and you fall madly in love with a hardcore democrat — can you make your relationship work in spite of your wildly different political views? And how can you deal with the inevitable rising tensions as election day fast approaches? It's certainly not easy to manage, but it's not impossible either. Here are a couple of things you can do.

Rihanna On Chris Brown: "I Still Love Him" [EXPERT]
Do you relate to Rhi Rhi?
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Rihanna On Chris Brown: "I Still Love Him"

Although it's been more than three years since the assault that landed her in the hospital, Rihanna sat teary-eyed on "Oprah's Next Chapter," telling Oprah that she still feels "protective" of Chris Brown. Crying over him, Rihanna admitted, "I still love him." Many of us have been in unhealthy relationships far longer than we should have been. Sadly, it is too easy to fall back into the addiction you two share: each other.

6 Warning Signs You're In An Abusive Relationship [EXPERT]
Love shouldn't hurt.
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6 Warning Signs You're In An Abusive Relationship

I was wondering: how many people get into these situations, when their partners, who are suppose to give them love, appreciation and support, turn against them? Still, others might wonder why they are not leaving their abusive partner, as well. Once in a while, most of us get handled in a non-respectful way, and it would be irresponsible to break up after every conflict. On the other hand, the unfair but usual maneuver of an abusive partner who makes the victim believe that she or he is responsible for the bad turns of events is completely unacceptable.