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Giving Too Much

Giving Too Much

Ladies, it is not uncommon for us to give too much of ourselves to our mates. We give too much attention, too much of our time, too much of our affection. And some of us are too nice and too available to men who clearly do not appreciate us for it. I know, I have been there. You would think that if you give good love that you will receive good love, right? No matter how nice we are or how much we give we don't always end up on top. Usually we end up stressed out and depleted. Why? Because we are not getting in return what we put out.

marriage boot camp
'Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars' premieres May 30 on We tv.
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Relationships take work — sometimes a lot of work. As powerful as love is, it's not always enough. And there's no show on TV that showcases this better than We tv's Marriage Boot Camp. What can you learn from these broken relationships being put to the test? Check out some of the biggest lessons we've learned from MBC Reality Stars below.

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