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double date
"One of us will have a sneezing fit to let the other one know it's time to go."
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Twice The Fun? 7 Valuable Lessons From Double Dates

If dating is a learning experience in itself, then double dating is even doubly so. We talked to a few people about their double date experiences and, whether or not, there were lessons to be learned from them.

father & daughter
'Love is not a potato. You can't throw it out the window.'
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Fatherly Wisdom: 16 Ladies Share What Dad Taught Them About Love

For all of the guarding they do, dads also guide us to make the right decisions when it comes to love (even if no guy will ever measure up to their standards). Read on for the best love advice that these 16 ladies received from their fathers — from when to fall in love, to when to walk away, and how love is actually kind of like a potato...

sad woman
You could be in an abusive relationship and not even realize it.
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8 Scary Signs Your Partner Doesn't Respect You

From not understanding the word "no" to controlling your friendships, here are eight tell-tale signs that your partner doesn't respect you. Plus, the crazy new drinking trend among guys. It's all in our weekly roundup of love, sex and relationship news!

How To Fix A Relationship: 9 Tips To Improve Your Relationship
Getting back to basics: a romantic evening walk can do wonders for your connection.
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9 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Relationship

Stressful jobs, taking care of kids and making sure bills are paid can take its toll on your relationship's spark. To keep the romance alive and improve your relationship, try adding these 9 activities to your partnership.

Effective Communication: Skills Every Couple Should Know
Communicating effectively will make for a long-lasting relationship.
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6 Steps To Healthier Communication In Your Relationship

The number one problem in relationships just happens to be the most important skill: healthy communication. They couples who make it through life's challenges do it by respecting one another. Learning to talk effectively with your partner in the worst of circumstances will ensure you both are in it for the long haul.

How To Fix A Relationship: How To Build An Honest Relationship
In relationships, honesty really is the best policy.
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Dr. Romance: Need Forgiveness? 4 Steps To An Effective Apology

After getting out of a bad relationship, it can be hard to move on and start a healthy new partnership. It's important to understand what you want and to be honest with your new significant other in order to have a happy relationship. Find out why honesty and owning up to your faults is essential to love life success.

How To Meet New People With Charm As The Main Attraction
There is something about charming people that makes it all seem OK when they're present.
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5 Ways To Charm The Pants Off People

Have you ever watched certain friends or people that always manage to attract people no matter what? Whether it is the grocery store, the mall, or post office, people are intrigued and inclined to smile and speak to them. You know what? It's more than what's going on the outside. People like this have a special charm that is noticed, because of the positive vibes they give off. You have it in you too! Read the article and learn how to meet new people because of YOUR amazing self!

marriage boot camp
'Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars' premieres May 30 on We tv.
Marriage Bootcamp | Reality Stars | Wetv

10 Things We Learned About Relationships From MBC Reality Stars

Relationships take work — sometimes a lot of work. As powerful as love is, it's not always enough. And there's no show on TV that showcases this better than We tv's Marriage Boot Camp. What can you learn from these broken relationships being put to the test? Check out some of the biggest lessons we've learned from MBC Reality Stars below.