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5 Facts About The 16-Pound Baby Born In Texas
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5 Facts About The 16-Pound Baby Born In Texas

We've got to give Janet Johnson a round of applause for bringing her son, JaMichael Brown, into this world! He was the largest baby ever to be born in Texas, weighing in at 16 pounds. In case you were wondering, we've got a few more interesting stats (via The Huffington Post) about this monumental birth.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez: Heating Up Too Fast?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been on a huge red-carpet tour as a couple, their latest stop at the ESPY Awards earlier this week. They've also been spotted on vacation in Hawaii, with arms wrapped around one another in the waves and on the beach. It's easy to forget the pair is just 17 years old and 18 years old respectively.

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Whoa, Baby! Men Can Have Pregnancy Anxiety, Too

Of course, I've been loving this pregnancy ... well, I HAD been loving this pregnancy until the last couple of weeks, since I've stopped sleeping and I'm suddenly itchy all over. And we've both really wanted our babies to go the distance and make it to 38 weeks, so they can get as big and strong and healthy as possible. I had sort of thought my husband was on the same page: excited, but also terrified at the thought of impending parenthood. And he is, or, at least, he was. Apparently, all those nerves that he was having early on, he processed and put away awhile ago. Now, he's just ready to get his baby Daddy game on!

pregnant woman with doctor in clinic
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Are Your Mid-Twenties Too Young To Have Kids?

I just turned 38. Am I too old to contemplate one more pregnancy before I hang up my fallopian tubes? After all of the drama I've endured with my last five pregnancies (and three births), I feel like I've gotten pregnancy down to an art. It seems unfair that I might be considered too old or too risky to bear another child.

Birth Plans Are Dangerous!
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Birth Plans Are Dangerous!

Are you pregnant or planning a child? Avoid this common practice the way it's typically prescribed. We’re told it’s empowering to create a plan for how we want to experience labor and delivery. After all, shouldn’t it be the way we want? We’re instructed to relay this plan with all its details to the appropriate practitioners – our OB or midwife, for starters. What we’re not told is that our birth plan can easily cause serious problems. When we write this plan and think about it as if it’s in stone, such as: No episiotomy; no drugs; natural only – no intervention; baby to breast immediately, we set ourselves up big time.

negative pregnancy test
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10 Percent Of Women Have Used The Morning-After Pill

Since it became available over-the-counter, use of emergency contraceptives has nearly doubled in the United States, according to a new study in the journal Fertility and Sterility. Although now nearly 10 percent of women aged 15 to 44 have taken emergency contraception, experts believe this number is still too low.

couple in labor
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I'm Not Nervous About Birth and Parenthood...But My Husband Is

At some point in the next three to four weeks, I will be giving birth to mine and my husband’s first child. As the big day approaches, and while I waddle around in public, I get the inevitable question: "Are you nervous?" The truth is, not a single bit. And why should I be? I am completely educated and prepared, and I trust that my body knows just what to do. After all, this baby kept on growing inside me with very little effort on my part. I believe that it also will handle most of what needs to happen in order for her to move on out. I said, most.

man woman consoling
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How My Miscarriage Brought Us Closer Together

While we appreciated all of the kind words, gestures, and reassuring hugs that followed the miscarriage, it was the strength of our marriage that got us through last summer. Looking back, I guess I am a bit surprised at how much love, support, and positive energy we provided one another. Up until this point, our relationship hadn't exactly been famous for this kind of behavior.

Woman on bed
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What Dealing With Fertility Issues Feels Like

When you talk about dealing with infertility, you get a lot of different reactions. Some people sympathize, some people criticize, some people wonder why you would want to bring a child into the world when there are already so many children unloved and unclaimed. I’ve had pretty much all of that directed at me.

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US Birth Rate Is Down Except Among Women Over 40

While we've read plenty of reports claiming that young people are postponing marriage for later in life, the CDC has released research suggesting that women are delaying pregnancy as well. The study, which surveyed data between 2007 and 2009, found that the birth rate for women over 40 in the United States rose steadily in those two years. In other age groups, it fell by 4 percent. Researchers claim that it is the sharpest decline in three decades.

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The Benefits Of Taking Childbirth Classes As A Couple

I like to think of myself as a strong woman, a tough cookie, if you will. Even when it comes to my marriage and my husband, I tend to play the role of Ms.Do-it-All-Handle-it-All-Without-Complaint. In this way, now that I am pregnant, it’s tough to suddenly admit that I just can’t do it. And by it, I mean a lot. This is where an unexpected benefit of childbirth classes comes in.