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Why I'm Perfectly Happy Being The Child-Free 'Cool Aunt'

Melanie Notkin (of recently wrote a piece in the Huffington Post about her experiences of being a woman without children of her own, but who is an aunt to many. In her article she referenced to the new Sarah Jessica Parker film, I Don't Know How She Does It, and the lead character's junior associate's "child-phobic" ways.

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10 Things You Need To Do Before Becoming A Mom

A few months before Lily was born, I jolted up from a rare, deep sleep. I'd been dreaming about a dinner of lobster and clam chowder and it was fantastic. The next weekend, I ate it. As I savored every bite, I wondered when on earth I'd be able to have another meal like that. It certainly wasn't the most child-friendly restaurant—would I ever eat there again? In six months? In a year? Five years?

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Stretch Marks: Badges Of Honor Or Unsightly Scars?

While I understand and respect that many women proudly wear their stretch marks as badges of honor or battle scars, I don’t feel the same way about mine. I am not ashamed of them, but if they don’t fade by next summer they won’t be seeing the light of day. I think of it this way: If I have a blemish, I conceal it. If I pack on a few pounds over the holidays, I conceal those too. For me, stretch marks aren’t any different, even if they are a result of my beautiful journey to motherhood.

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Beyonce's Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings

Beyonce Knowles is a very beautiful—very rich—woman. One would think her pregnancy would be, I don't know, fancy and glamorous, complete with nutritionist on hand 24 hours a day, guiding her in every dietary decision she makes, as well as blending her kale and berry smoothies.

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JWoww & 10 More Famous Ladies Who Want Babies ASAP

I think it's hard to admit that you want kids. After all, we're told that this is the quickest thing that makes guys run the other way. But if you want something, you have to say it out loud—right? So I applaud these celebrity women who, since the start of 2011, have been totally upfront about wanting to have kids sometime in the very near future. Maybe it's going around?

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Breastfeeding Can Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer risk can be lowered in African-American women by breastfeeding, new research suggests. Research led by Julie R. Palmer, ScD, of Boston University, found that having multiple children raised the risk of a kind of aggressive breast cancer known as ER-negative, but that breastfeeding reduced it.

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Why I Believe In Natural Family Planning

If you've heard the term Natural Family Planning (NFP), it's probably almost a certainty actually, that you were given some bad information about it. As someone who has practiced NFP with my wife for around six years, I know I've heard more than my fair share of misguidance from family, the media and even priests. Sometimes it's honest confusion or simply a passing along of misinformation, but other times it's a blatant attack on a somewhat mysterious practice that many in our culture chalk up to some form of crazy desire for 20 kids or an exercise in Pope-worshiping. Despite what critics say, Natural Family Planning can be good for your marriage.

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New Pregnancy Test Knows Baby's Sex After 7 Weeks

A blood test from mothers can determine the sex of a fetus as early as seven weeks into a pregnancy, says a new report. The test was not created for the purpose of determining the sex of a fetus, but instead to detect medical conditions. However, it does predict "boy" or "girl" with great accuracy.

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'Sister Sister' All Grown Up: 'Tia & Tamera' Premieres Tonight

If you were glued to the TV in the mid-nineties like I was, you remember the ABC sitcom Sister, Sister. Twin sisters Tia (Tia Mowry-Hardrict) and Tamera (Tamera Mowry-Housley) were separated at birth and adopted by single parents with completely opposite personalities. Then they run into each other one day at the mall, screaming in unison, "That girl has my face!"

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Poll: Would You Announce Your Pregnancy On Facebook?

It had to come sooner or later: There is now a way to announce your pregnancy on Facebook. In the "Friends and Family" section, you can now add "Expected: Child" as one of the family members, and announce the baby's due date (month, day and year), as well as its sex and name. Would you announce your pregnancy on Facebook?

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Kourtney Kardashian's Post-Baby Fitness Tip? Sex!

New mom Kourtney Kardashian says she's never been happier…or healthier. Now that son Mason has stopped nursing, she's been able to get her exercise routine back on track, and she says she feels amazing, especially when she's rocking a bikini! "I'm really excited to offer some advice, particularly to new mothers. I'm proof that even after having a baby, you can look better and sexier than ever!"

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Could Women Soon Have Access To Free Birth Control?

It's hard to imagine the words "free" and "birth control" being in the same sentence, especially to the women who have spent years paying upwards of $30 for their montly pills. Yet, the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which deals exclusively with women's and reproductive issues, has released a new report that suggests birth control could soon be free and accessible for all American women.