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Infertility: You Are Not So Unusual

Infertility: You Are Not So Unusual

You have discovered that you have a fertility issue and suddenly you may feel you are on a desert island and no one can get to you or has ever even heard of the island you now live on. What to do? You could collapse in your own fears and blame yourself or God or the flat Mountain Dew you drank 11 years ago and have since discovered that some random study in Switzerland says flat Mountain Dews cause infertility in mice. You have a tough road ahead of you if you pursue fertility treatments but nothing is impossible and you may be stronger than you know.

Guess When The Busiest Time Of Year For Sex Is...
Right about now?
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Guess When The Busiest Time Of Year For Sex Is...

The majority of kiddos are conceived during the winter holiday season. If we break this down, we'll find that one part holiday spirit, one part New Year’s Eve hilarity, and one part chilly weather, equals several reasons to strip down to nothing and get it on.

Mistress Maven Part 2: Misconceptions of Life
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Mistress Maven Part 2: Misconceptions of Life

The doctor examined me and found no venereal disease but told me that I was pregnant. Sitting in the doctor’s office, listening to what he had said, connecting this now with what had happened, I felt sick to my stomach I felt my bottom drop out. My husband was a tight-fisted, mean man and without a little bit of sex even now and then between us, what chance did I have for a happy life with him? At 21, my marriage had become like my parents’.

baby time biological clock
Baby time? Most women overestimate their fertility.
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Most Women Flunk "Fertility Math": Do You Know Your Chances?

We live in a world where women conceiving older and older is becoming the norm. Salma Hayek had a baby girl at 41 and Holly Hunter had twin boys at 47 years old — a trend that is giving women in their 30's who have put having children off a sigh of relief. However, a recent study shows that women do not truly understand just how slippery the fertility slope really is.

Looking to get pregnant? Watch where your guy puts his laptop.
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Is The Internet Bad For Sperm?

Warning: What you're about to read is shocking. So shocking you may try to keep your guy away from his laptop for at least a week.

Could we be seeing a baby bump on tour? Rihanna is not saying no...
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Rihanna Is Not Denying Pregnancy Rumors

It might be the "baby" flu that appears to be going around Hollywood that has Rihanna feeling under the weather. She recently cancelled a few tour dates due to what she said is the flu, but her crew isn't buying it.

Giuliana Rancic
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Giuliana Rancic: Should Women Get Mammograms Before IVF?

This morning on the Today show, Giuliana Rancic, 37, made a big announcement. Only it wasn't the happy pregnancy news we've all been waiting for as she and her husband, Bill Rancic, have struggled with infertility for years. Rather she revealed that she has breast cancer, which was discovered because of her IVF treatments.

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Lesson Of The Day: Don't Use Plan B As Your Only Birth Control

xoJane's "Health Editor," a term we're going to use very loosely, wrote a piece about why she prefers the Plan B method of birth control to all others. Why? Well, in her words, the Pill will make her "fat," make her "spot," and according to her, will not prevent her from getting preggers because she's in that teeny-tiny minority who got knocked up on it.