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woman looking depressed
The couple prepared for the little ones arrival by collecting donations from neighbors.
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Weird News: This Couple Was Fake-Pregnant With Quintuplets

Yes, you might have thought you were pregnant once or twice due to a very delayed arrival of your period, but it turns out a woman can show multiple symptoms of being pregnant just from thinking she is. This very thing happened to a Canadian couple who was expecting not one baby, but five.

The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon
Fallon addresses "the embarrassment of telling people that we're pregnant."
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Jimmy Fallon's Candid Interview About Struggling To Have A Baby

After hosting Late Night since 2009, Jimmy Fallon inherits The Tonight Show tonight, but he's even more ecstatic about his other new role as father to seven-month-old daughter Winnie Rose. Fallon and his wife, producer Nancy Juvonen, tried in vain to have a baby before ultimately deciding to use a gestational surrogate.

5 Supplements to Improve Your Chances of Conceiving

5 Supplements to Improve Your Chances of Conceiving

Whether you’ve been at it a while or you’ve just decided to have a baby, trying to conceive can be an emotionally wearing process. You’re in a hurry to grow your family, but getting pregnant doesn’t always happen right away. No matter where you’re at on your journey to motherhood, there are five supplements you should consider taking to prep your body for new life and improve your chances of conceiving.

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Did you exercise during your pregnancies?
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Exercising While Pregnant May Boost Your Baby's Brain

It's no newsflash that staying active and healthy while pregnant is the best thing for both mama and baby. But did you know that exercising while pregnant might actually boost your baby's brain? The New York Times recently covered a new study that suggests pregnant moms who are physically active may produce babies with more mature brain development.