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9 Epic Parenting Wins On Imgur

Parenting has its up and downs, like any aspect of life. The people who really excel as parents are the ones who keep things interesting, at least in our book. Check out these imgur posts from parents who really raised the bar.

A Parenting & Love Dilemma: Every Year, My In-Laws Ruin Christmas
Is there such a thing as too many gifts?
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Every Year, My In-Laws Ruin Christmas

I've tried to make my kids understand that they have more than enough stuff and that millions of kids have nothing. I want them to be more grateful and less greedy. It's been largely a losing effort, a fact I am confronted with every December. And I blame my mother-in-law. There. I said it.

Love: Galen Gering's Secret To A Successful Marriage
Galen's sense of humor is another way he keeps his marriage going strong.
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Soap Opera Stud Galen Gering's Secret To A Successful Marriage

Any guy who's been in one relationship for 20 plus years must know a secret or two about love and happiness. "One of my secrets to a successful marriage is to find someone that that you love spending time with," Days of Our Lives hunk Galen Gering, 42, says about life with his wife and mother of their two children. "Jenna and I complement each other very well and we also respect one another. Every relationship encounters problems, you just need to learn to deal with them properly and together."

Parenting: Your Child Has No Friends, Now What?
You may be worried, but she's perfectly happy! Photo: greg westfall., Flickr
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Your Child Has No Friends... Now What?

When your child seems isolated from others, it's so difficult to not step in and fix the issue at hand. But having few friends isn't necessarily a cause for worry. Take these parenting tips to heart and help your kid make his own decisions about who to connect with.

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy.  So Now What?

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy. So Now What?

"In most ways, kids are pretty much the same as they've always been. Nuts. But in most ways, the world around them is incomprehensibly different. And also nuts... It is an adolescent world different from the one you recall... When your son tells you that you "don't understand," trust him. You don't. Neither do I. He lives in a culture foreign to both of us." - Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy! by Michael J. Bradley, Ed.D