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A mother's advice: marrying a man with Asperger's
Daughter-in-law, it's you I worry about when my son forgets to say "I love you."
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An Open Letter To The Future Wife Of My Asperger's Child

My 12-year-old son is exactly like my husband, your future father-in-law: they both have Asperger's syndrome. I know this letter is important, because it's exactly the thing I wish someone had written to me in the beginning of my relationship to save me years of struggling.

healing a mother-daughter relationship
"I realized that something was still missing in my adult relationship with my mother."
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How I Let Go Of My Resentment Toward My Mom

My mother was one of the sweetest, most supportive people I know, but she was uncomfortable with physical touch. Since I didn't get that love from my mom, I grew up always wanting 'more' in my relationships with men. That was when I realized that I had to openly express my feelings if I ever wanted to fix my relationships ... including the one I shared with my mom.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
'My daughter, I am going to teach you to fight for what you want in life.'
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A Lesson From 'Lean In': Why My Daughter Will Know Her Self-Worth

My 4-year old daughter loves princesses and I realize now that I've waited for a tiara myself. I've waited for people to recognize my accomplishments and bestow a gift, whether it be a job, a promotion or a raise. I want to make sure that my daughter knows that she shouldn't wait for her dreams to be fulfilled—she is the one who will make them come true (even if it's to be a princess).

Facebook overshare, parental overshare
I'm a mom, and I'll vent if I want to.
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Yes, Potty-Training Mishaps Do Belong On Facebook: So Get Over It

I’m from a huge extended family, so I spent most of my formative years changing diapers, cleaning up vomit and chasing after younger cousins. By the time blogs and social media rolled around, I’d already heard enough for a lifetime. I couldn't understand all the public over-sharing by new parents. Then I took in a teen from the foster care system, and everything changed.

No Child Should "Survive" their Childhood...
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No Child Should "Survive" their Childhood...

I had a tremendous childhood.  Yes, I had moments when I hated my parents…those sobbing in your room mumbling barely audible statements like “I wiiiish shhhee would get hiiiiit by a buuuus and Diiiiiiiie!”   Because I was asked to do the unthinkable and clean my room or do my math home work before I could go out with my friends. But all in all, I had it pretty good. 

a morning routine for kids
For instance, how do you get your kids ready and out the door for school?

How To Get Your Kids To Follow Routines

Do you struggle to get your kids into a routine for homework, bedtime or the morning on school days? Are you wondering how to get your kids to follow — and even love — routines? If so, help is on the way.

Mike Rice's tough love
Is 'tough love' really love at all?
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Is Mike Rice's Tough Love The Right Parenting Strategy?

Mike Rice, the former coach of Rutgers University's men's basketball team, was fired for what some might describe as his 'tough love' form of coaching. But does this work as a parenting style? Does 'tough love' parenting raise responsible, well-behaved kids or does it simply emotionally cripple them?