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Parenting: Kelly Bensimon's 20 Tips For Single Moms
What's her absolute no-no for single moms?
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Exclusive! 'My 20 Tips For Fellow Single Moms' By Kelly Bensimon

Parenting is never easy—especially if you're a single mom. And no one knows this better than former 'New York Housewife' and author Kelly Bensimon. After divorcing her husband of ten years—famous French photographer Gilles Bensimon—the mother of two daughters has been juggling her career. Here, Kelly pens her advice for single mothers trying to balance it all with style and grace.

Parenting: A Birthday Gift For Kanye West
Kim and Kanye are expected to welcome their daughter next month.
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A Birthday Gift For Kanye West

Relationship expert and bestselling author Charles J. Orlando gifts the superstar rapper, who turns 36 today, with his firsthand parenting lessons. "Being the father of a girl comes with a variety of challenges: some good, others that make you want to bash your head into a wall."

parenting advice: spanking
Isn't it more of a way for parents to vent their frustrations?
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Is It Ever OK To Spank Your Kids?

A controversial new study concludes that spanking your kids is harmless as long as they feel loved by their parents, but is this strict punishment healthy?

Teaching a child Empathy is as easy as celebrating Memorial Day.
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Teaching a child Empathy is as easy as celebrating Memorial Day.

Every year all across America, millions of people take time off from work, school and responsibilities to gather in back yards, pools and parks to hold barbeques and parties to celebrate Memorial Day (AKA, the start of summer) We happily engage our children in the traditional activities associated with the holiday; we toss water balloons and play volley ball, plant gardens, host cook outs and go camping…but if you really think about it, NONE of these activities alone are in alignment with the true meaning of the Holiday, which was created to commemorate the Union and Co