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Parenting Advice: Are Your Kids' Friends Being A Bad Influence?
Your child's bestie is a little less than perfect.
Love Mom

Are Your Kids' Friends A Bad Influence?

As parents, we all dream of lifelong friends for our children. We hope they will meet very early on (in Mommy and Me group, for example) and grow up as close as siblings, spending long afternoons at each other's homes, holding hands as they enter kindergarten, and supporting one another through those tough middle- and high-school years. So what do you do when they start to influence each other in the wrong way?

Parenting: Stop The Mommy Wars!
Your friends shouldn't care if you work in an office or stay at home.
Experts Blog

Stop The Madness & Stop The Mommy Wars

Sick of being judged for your parenting and worklife decisions? A heated debate over women's role in society and home has evolved into a full-blown "Mommy War". This life coach has had enough.

The Best Reaction To Pregnancy News On The Web
Motherhood is a magical time.
Love Mom

The Best Reaction To Pregnancy News On The Web

Everyone likes to reveal that they're pregnant in a different way. Some people blurt it out, others write it on a cake, and some get especially creative. But I think we can all agree that the reaction is the best part. Whether it's a husband or mother in law, the reaction is every woman's favorite part of revealing that she's going to be a mom. Check out this primo reaction to the happy news. Caution: it gets loud.