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dating site kicks off fat members
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Dating Site Drops Fat Members: PR Stunt?

Five-thousand members on woke up one morning to find their accounts were inactivated due to their holiday weight gain. We registered on the site to see if the members are really as stunning as the site claims they are. The results were surprising.

dating as a single mom

Maternal Me Vs. Sexual Sue: Dating As A Single Mom

In the second half of my fourth decade, I became a single mom. For a year it was more than enough and I threw myself into a world of sippy cups and story-times. But one spring day, as the cherry trees blossomed, a longing bloomed in me—I wanted something else, someone else. So I dusted off the Goldfish crumbs and decided to date. But how long could I—a seven-day-a-week, twenty-four-hour-a-day mother—keep the man I was dating out of my "real" life, the one that involved being responsible for a three-foot-high person?

Is Your Profile Picture Datable?

Is Your Profile Picture Datable?

If you’re single and on the market, you may want to rethink your Facebook profile picture. It’s already being checked by employers for risque behavior and compatibility before making hiring decisions, and chances are your profile is being checked by potential dates for those same things. And like it or not, your profile picture is making a first impression for you. Shirtless guy on a boat, we’re talking about you.

dating through your phone
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Is Online Dating Out And Mobile Dating In?

Oh, how times have changed. It seems like only yesterday that we were furtively checking our Nerve Personals accounts at work, trying to decipher a profile's mix of hobbies and interests to determine whether or not someone was a sweetie or a psychopath. Now, people are having Tweetups willy-nilly and searching for quick hookup opportunities on their iPhones. Lord, do we feel old. So what does this reveal about our dating habits today?

date a smart person
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How To Woo A Literary Lady

At the beginning of the month, blogger Lauren Leto wrote up a hilarious list of stereotypes, based upon the authors people most love to read. It's insulting, but we can't help nodding our heads and chortling because—you know what?—we judge others based on their writing abilities and book choices as well, especially when we're considering spending a lot of quality time with them in the future. Some prosal faux pas to avoid when it comes to the literal language of love?

love, dating, marriag trends

Top 10 Love, Dating & Marriage Trends Of The 00s

It's hard, in the midst of things, to see our romantic interactions and feelings as mere trends. But our love lives and how we conduct them are, like everything else, conditioned in part by the time in which we live. Here are the top 10 love and relationship trends of the decade.

avatar virtual dating site
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Online Dating Meets Adult Gaming

Too lazy to leave the house to find love? A new dating site assigns you a virtual body that does all the work. Named after Amsterdam's Red Light District,, hopes to take the online nice-to-meet you experience one step further by assigning users a body and a menu of racy date activities.

Community Blog: 5 Reasons She Won't Write You Back
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Community Blog: 5 Reasons She Won't Write You Back

Too often I hear men complaining that women won’t respond to their online dating profile or call them back. They get frustrated, and take down their cyberdating profile without realizing what they have done wrong. Here is my dating advice and the top 5 reasons why your email may end up in the trash bin and ways for you to correct it.

attractive couple

More Online Dating For Good-Lookers Only

One thing that I know about attractive people is that they do not care for uglies trying to get in their pantaloons. Correction: they like the attention but it really concerns them if the unattractive (or poor) person honestly thinks they have a chance to slime his/ her way into said trousers. And a new website called wants them to date on their site.