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How The iPad Will Change The Dating Game

Last week interviewed a group of online dating/techie types who told the publication the iPad will absolutely change the face of online dating. Experts foresee hook-up maps and online dating suggestions based on subconscious physiological responses. New-fangled iPad applications aim to help out daters. But will they?


A New Man for Mother’s Day? Give Yourself the Gift

A New Man for Mother’s Day? Give Yourself the Gift of Love Minus the Guilt. Here comes Mother’s day... If you’re a single mom with school-aged children, you’re probably left to organize the festivities for yourself. “Is it possible to ask my daughter to find me a new man for Mother’s Day?”

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Does The Internet Make Hitting On Women Too Easy?

Some men sometimes aren't as brave, particularly when it comes to relationships, as we'd like to think we are. Getting our lights punched out is generally less scary than being rejected by some broad. For this reason, God invented alcohol. But with the advent of online dating and social media (social networking), liquid

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Can A Twitter Romance Lead To Real-Life Love?

Men I met in real life had no chance compared to the projected perfection of my internet lover. It was so much easier to talk to him behind the screen of the computer, which led me to believe it was so much easier to talk to him period. I had spent my life searching for my prince charming, and I was sure I had found him. On January 31, Patrick said we should meet. I agreed. A romance blossoms on Twitter, but can it survive the shift into real life?

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The 7 Commandments Of Social Networking

The Internet: Depending upon how you choose to use it, it can be a benign tool useful for expanding your social and romantic circle, or a hellish hosebeast whose thirst for ruined reputations knows no bounds. Basically, it's like Reese Witherspoon (wholesome, open, fresh) meets any of the trolls from any Real Housewives iteration (unbalanced and hell-bent on airing your personal business to anyone willing to listen to irrational nonsense.) So how does a classy lady network socially with dignity and self-respect? Tristan Coopersmith, relationship expert and owner of Menu Dating Online, advises that there are seven deadly sins women should avoid if they wish to maintain digital dignity.

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Tom Miller And Julie Spira Talk Online Dating

This past week, tweeps everywhere crowded into the 92nd Street Y in New York City for the 2010 140 Characters Conference. For two days, people sat rapt, with smartphones and laptops at their sides, while live-tweeting panels on real-time news gathering, social media and education, tweetups and more. Our own Tom Miller—YourTango's General Manager and Tomfoolery blogger—joined author and dating coach Julie Spira to talk about Love, Dating and Romance in the Real-Time Web.

The Number One Place To Meet Your Future Husband
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The Number One Place To Meet Your Future Husband

Are single women more likely to meet their husbands at work, online or out at bars? A recent study of 11,000 revealed that one in six surveyed met their wives or husbands online. Online dating trumped bars and clubs as the third most popular place to meet prospective dates, trailing only behind work/school (#1) and mutual friends (#2).

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Best Of The Web: Holding Hands & Dating Friends

The cyber hand is for cyber hand-holding, only. What is the right age to get married? When do most people lose their virginity? Larry King to divorce for the 8th time. Eliot Spitzer set a personal record, of sorts, back in the day. What is he thinking when you're crying? How much does he care about what his friends think of you? Is it a violation of the bro code to date a best friend's ex? Twice as many youngsters have had a random hook up than a first date. Pausing to check Facebook during sex is something people actually do. The 10 sexiest movie super heroes. And YourTango is a Webby Honoree for Facebook Etiquette.