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John Edwards with his children Emma Claire and Jack at Elizabeth Edwards' funera
John Edwards with his children Emma Claire and Jack at Elizabeth Edwards' funeral in 2011.
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Is John Edwards A Sex Addict?

Local New York City news blog DNA Info reported today that former presidential candidate and North Carolina Senator John Edwards was patronizing prostitutes in 2007 — namely a call girl working for the so-called "Soccer Mom Madam" or "Millionaire Madam" on NYC's Upper East Side.

mad men January Jones
January Jones in "Mad Men."
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Love Bytes: Love Lessons From 'Mad Men'

Some women like some chivalry some of the time: examples. Some Republicans are okay with birth control. Why do married fellas like porn? Can guys really have multiple orgasms? His favorite sexual position is a bit of a surprise. Stop falling into the same old dating patterns. Don't let intrusive newlywed questions get you down. $10 spring date plans. And, what can 'Mad Men' teach us about love?

jason russell Kony 2012 public masturbation
'Kony 2012' viral video creator Jason Russell was detained for public nudity.
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'Kony 2012' Creator Public Nudity Arrest: Update & Video

Jason Russell, the co-founder of Invisible Children, the advocacy group behind the "Kony 2012" viral video, was detained and taken by police to a medical facility for evaluation on Thursday morning after he was reported to be in his underwear, yelling incoherently and disrupting traffic in a San Diego neighborhood.

Love Bytes: Science Says You're Using Condoms Wrong
This couple is about to use a condom wrong.
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Love Bytes: Science Says You're Using Condoms Wrong

Science says most of us use condoms wrong. Helen Fisher is the coolest! How to avoid Mr. Wrong. She's faking it because she's making too much noise. How to spot an online dating liar. Do not make these 5 sex mistakes. Do try these 12 kinds of sex before you quit being wild. Don't take a person to church for the first date... just don't. Stop telling yourselves these lies, ladies. What not to say to a friend getting a divorce.

The 69 position is tricky but fun if done right...
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Love Bytes: How Do You Feel About "69?"

If you cheat once, are you always going to be a cheater? Do you know about CheaterVille? Isn't posting naked pics of your ex really mean? What 'The Bachelor' can teach us about dating. The male version of V-Day is something... interesting. Feelings aren't crazy, unless they are. An affair with a professor. How to get a baby inside you: FAST. And, the 69 position: Yay or nay?

woman thinking
Hmm... What qualities am I looking for in a man?
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Love Bytes: 50 Things Women Want In A Man

50 things women want in a man. When fake fights go bad. You disagree about kids, family, and marriage; now what? Looking at porn on a plane. Why some women like emotionally unavailable men. And, why abortion was the best decision one woman ever made.

Man complains about condom prices, and pays the price.

Weird Love News: Man Complains About Condom Prices, Gets Shot

The price of condoms is too damn high. Michael Haynes II made this complaint over the weekend when purchasing prophylactics at a BP gas station on the Detroit's west side. Displeased with the price of the condoms and arguing he could get them for less elsewhere, Haynes allegedly asked to return the box or get a better deal at the counter.

Coffee With A Side Of Sex Appeal
Baristas in bikinis?
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Coffee With A Side Of Sex Appeal?

Baristas in bikinis? Here, it's just business as usual. Women dressed in swimsuits and lingerie are serving up coffee at Java Girls, a shop in Orlando, Fla., that's been grabbing the attention of locals since it opened in November, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

ananda marchildon
Dutch model Ananda Marchildon.
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Would You Call This Woman 'Too Fat'?

As if women didn't struggle with body image enough these days, the following news comes from Holland: "A former winner of the television show 'Holland's Next Top Model' has won a lawsuit against Elite Model Management after she was dropped for having hips the agency considered too large."

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh never seems to put his foot in his mouth.
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Sandra Fluke & 19 More Outrageous Rush Limbaugh Comments

Calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" and slamming author Tracie McMillan as overeducated but not necessarily intelligent were just the radio host's latest zingers. From equating Obama with Hitler to likening Hillary Clinton to a "screeching ex-wife," Rush's 19 most outrageous remarks.